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National Defense Committee - The National Defense Committee is a grass roots, pro-military organization supporting a larger and stronger military and the election of more veterans to the United States Congress. Join our grassroots efforts in supporting our Military.

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  • Marty - Very Good but QC Improvements Needed

    I received the product and was very pleased with the overall set. Very good value and nice looking bag and clubs. Two of the clubs, the putter and the 5-hybrid had slight defects (marr on the putter striking surface and small dents on the edge of the 5-hybrid).

  • Amazon Customer - Need more meat

    I wish they would make some Flowers movies. Bradley Cooper would be perfect for the part of Virgil (aka F***ing Flowers). The plotting of these books is still excellent, but meat (pun intended) is getting a little thin and superficial. I've noticed that authors of successful series get tired and their books seem hurried. I could name a half dozen authors who succumbed to publishing pressures to turn out a book a year and diluted their output.

  • Marcos - One fatal flaw...

    It's difficult to rate this product because it seems to do everything well at a very affordable price. The problem that I had was that it wasn't as easy as my old phone to use as a phone.

  • Beckett - Worth Your Time!

    Goliath was a great legal ride. Goliath was worth the eight hours and the acting was great. I was a little disappointed with the writing! It seemed like any John Gresham novel... It was a little ludicrous in parts (SPOILER- you can tell a man was the lead writer creating a man's fantasy world... like any 26 year-old girl is going to fall in love with her 60+ deformed boss who basically sexually assaults her as she is summoned to his office and he is naked). I did not like that it felt discriminatory towards overweight individuals as well as to people with handicaps, and the aged. The characters were trite Hooker with the heart of gold, a drunk with a wrecked career and marriage, but who is an amazing legal mind and litigator... The Jersey girl living in California... What is amazing and makes this worth your time is the acting. The acting was superb. Billy Bob is EXCELLENT as always... and all the other actors were also excellent...

  • Amazon Customer - Really like the measuring tool for knowing how many beans to ...

    Really like the measuring tool for knowing how many beans to put in to grind. Also all the beans grind so there are no whole beans left didn't get ground.

  • Dave - Best Disaster Movie Of All Time

    As I write this 2012 has passed and I can say I enjoyed the movie even before the passing in time of that year. I am grateful this is only a movie and we can see all the destruction of the earth in Surround Sound and full 1080p glory! There are more disaster scenes happening in every square inch of the screen than in any other disaster move ever made previously. The cliff hanging scenes come non-stop throughout the entire film. The effects were topnotch quite real looking. An enjoyable film taken from the lore of ancient type prophecies. A likeable cast well acted good escapism all around!

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