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  • M. Cheal - Xzilon Does not honor their warranty

    We bought XZILON - X and we have had every claim we have submitted denied. Quarter panel dent - small scratch on fender, love bug damage. When we spent the $1000 at our dealership they raved about it and said it would cover all these things. We got scammed big time. We have asked for a refund, I am sure that will be denied as well.

  • R. Neumann - Cured The Problem

    My indoor cat had fleas for nearly a year. I tried multiple things; flea trap, bio-feedback, Flea-Go, essential oils, essential oil powder (no I didn't use any of the chemical tags and won't ever.) I flea-combed him twice or more each day. Having no bathtub, I tried a couple ways to shampoo him but extremely difficult.

  • Fiona Hutchinson - The results would probably be better is he would use it consistently but alas you ...

    This has helped my teenage son's acne considerably. The results would probably be better is he would use it consistently but alas you can only lead the horse to water!

  • Ronald E. - Bait and Switch? Or is the Amazon picture of the item incorrect?

    I got the stabilizer but without the boots. The picture of the stabilizer on Amazon's website clearly shows the stabilizer WITH boots but they were not included in the package. According to the instructions pamphlet says "Steering stabilizer boots are not included with this duel stabilizer kit to maintain proper clearances." I must admit I haven't the slightest idea what this means. I can't imagine that the rubber or plastic boots would interfere with the clearance of the dual stabilizer unit with the car underbody. Or do they mean, the "proper clearance" is the clearance needed by their finance department in order to make the margin they need?

  • Monica Main - Smell is gross and really doesn't improve the skin much!

    I should have listened to the reviewers who have complained about the smell. I can't quite describe it. It's almost a strong chemical smell. If you live in or have ever been in Southern California, we have a "stink weed" that is very pungent and smells very strong but artificial. It's almost like that strong chemical stink weed smell. When I put this on my face in the morning, I have to quickly put an Aveda moisturizing lotion over it just to tolerate the smell otherwise I smell that stinky chemical smell ALL DAY. Since I really haven't noticed anything as far as an improvement in my skin or complextion and I really don't have major wrinkles to see an improvement, I will never buy this product again. I'd rather buy something that smells better that offers moisturizing components. Plus, with this product, it's rather thin and doesn't feel like it really absorbs into the skin. It's not thick. (I hate thick greasy products and this doesn't fall into that category so that's a plus I guess.) It seems too thin like they put too much water in as a base. Overall the smell ruins the product and if it actually improved the skin, maybe it would be worth the sacrafice. Since it does nothing for the skin, why suffer with the smell when there are hundreds of other facial products that are much better?

  • Anthony W. - Mini fantasy football encyclopedia

    Fantasy Football Index provides a wealth of FFB knowledge that will help you prepare for your upcoming draft. I used this along with my Draft Guide earlier this evening which helped me logically draft my players instead of randomly selecting my roster.

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