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  • Wally - Great purchase!

    This worked as advertised. I used it to cement my convertible top to the back window and it worked perfectly. I watched a video on YouTube and that helped a lot. I plan on using this glue on just about any project that requires adhesion. Very glad I found it. Well worth the money.

  • Amazon Customer - Kenra is the Best

    Kenra's products are just great for my short pixie haircut. You can use Texturizing Taffy sparingly and everything clicks right into place. Kenra products are used on clients at my salon. Superior product!

  • amznboi - Not a beginner/intermediate vball. Really need to keep playing it to like it.

    I ended up really liking this vball. It's definitely not a beginner's or intermediate's vball to use. It takes time to get used to it and has a higher learning curve. You have to adjust a lot of your skills with the MVA200, especially passing. I shanked my passes a lot when I first played with it. I had to really adjust my passing skills with the MVA200. It is not as forgiving as the other vballs. It is great for setters (grips easy), hitters and especially float servers. This vball floats like crazy if you hit the sweet spot. Also for float serves, it has a tendency to just drop in front of you.

  • VB54 - It's cheap, it's natural, and it worked for me.

    Okay, so my friend found this product to help with a flea problem.Their cat could not tolerate any chemically based flea products and would re-infest the dogs, so they needed something organic. It worked! I bought it for the same reason, fleas. It also took out spiders, Japanese beetles, and those creepy stink bugs. Make sure and just puff a light dusting when you treat the home. I found a dry pesticide applicator at the local hardware store. When the DE came out too heavy, I put a little restrictor (safety pin) in the end of the tube. Now it comes out in a fine puff, it should almost resemble smoke.

  • Ginger Mims - Not so Enhanced

    We returned this product quickly because Enhanced Payroll only allows you ONE free employee.... any employee after that is $2.00 a month per employee. I don't like paying extra for something I've supposedly already paid for. Terrible.

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