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Santosh Gauli-experienced trekking guide in Nepal/independent guide/profesional trek guide,trek guide - My name is Santosh Gauli,I am a freelance trekking guide in Nepal and i have been successfully leading trekking & tours in Nepal from 2002 for various well established companies in Kathmandu.I have also trained with the Ministry of Tourism as a high altitude medical training trekking guide.

  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/content/349-trip-booking-terms.html Trip Booking Terms - Travelling is not that easy like our home town so i would say it is really better to check everything before you leave your home and take care everything with new technology or with friends,prevention is always better then care.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/contactUs.html Contact freelance trekking guide,independent trekking guide,nepal trekking guide,mountain guide in nepal - Nepal is a small landlocked country but rich of nature so many ethnicity included top of the world mt.everest.it is alos the place to discover birth place of lord Buddha and a place where you can see totally different things compare to your home tome back home which are the attraction makes you feel come to Nepal.I will like introduce you all ,my self i am trekking guide and working as a freelance trekking guide in Nepal since many years as it is really interesting and loving doing all my self so if you want to make your trip with local freelance/independent trekking guide you can hit my webpage and let me help to make your safe and unforgettable holiday.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/activity/1-45-Sight-Seeing-Tour.html Sightseeing tour in Nepal, Kathmandu best places, best of nepal 2016/17 - City Tour and hiring a tour guide is the best way to discover the local life and their way to live and many other things. Nepal offer you so many interesting place for tour and sight seeing things where you can see so many unbelievable historical and mountaineering things. Kathmandu is the best place where you can visit so many old historical palace and our previous dynasty kingdom, so sight seeing tour in nepal can be your best choice who will like to invent the past of nepal and Nepalese people and our traditions.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/139-everest-base-camp-trekking-(ebc).html Everest base camp guide,independent everest trekking guide - The Everest Base Camp trekking is the most famous trekking route in the world and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable.There are so many alternative trekking route such as Gokyo, Renjola pass trekking,cola pass trekking,Island peak trekking,Everest base camp trekking etc.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/177-everest-viewtrekking.html Everest view trekking,Everest trek, - Everest view trekking lies to the east north of Nepal and also it s quite remote area trekking because of geographical prospective. Everest view trekking is a best trekking destination for less fitted trekkers and also to visit interesting places as we know that Everest view trekking is just short very easy and cheap too.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/146-chitwan-safari-tour.html Chitwan jungle safari tour, Low cost Chitwan tour - Chitwan jungle safari tour lies to the south west from Kathmandu valley and there are so many interesting activities within 2night 3 days trip mostly.Chitwan national park is established in 1973 and after few years it became really famous because of the nature, animal, cultural things ,than Chitwan national park was announced by UNESCO to make it world heritage site, so Chitwan is such a lovely national park in the world.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/178-upper-mustang-trek.html Upper mustang trekking,17 days upper mustang trek, trek to mustang,restricted are trek in nepal - The Upper Mustang area is said to one of the most beautiful areas in Nepal. For conservation reasons this is a restricted area and it was only opened to foreigners in 1992. Upper Mustang was originally a separate Buddhist kingdom called �Lo� which survived until 2006.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/172-annapurna-trekking.html Annapurna freelance guide, independent Annapurna trekking guide - Annapurna trekking is the range of mountain ,where you can see many mountain all around, include Annapurna first and Dhaulagiri which are more than 8 thousand high. This is one of the famous trekking routes in Nepal to see many things in same time such as locality (how do they live),terrace field, flora, fauna, Mountain View etc.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/content/10-about-me.html freelance trekking guide, Professional Independent trek guide, Best Himalaya guide, - I am local freelance/independent Himalayan trekking Guide in Nepal and have been Guiding in city and Himalaya both since 15 years and organizing Trekking, Hiking, Tours and many other adventure programme ,I have been working as a Guide and Porter both as it is really lovely job which i liked and I decided to work as a freelancer/independent Himalaya Guide, which is my favorite job . Independent way is the best way to work rather than working with others trekking agency for every prospective.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/testimonial.html Testimonials,Clients reviews,reviews from guest - Testimonials is a types evaluation of your job what you are doing and it is really necessary to promote your webpage to go on top of Google.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/destination/1-nepal.html Nepal,Nepal Travel,Nepal Trekking,Travel Information of nepal,nepal guide - Nepal,the land of the Himalayas,is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.It offers an abundance of adventurous activities for the adventure enthusiasts.The Himalayan country of Nepal boasts of 8 out of the 14 highest peaks in the world including Mt.Everest(8848m).
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/activity/1-11-Trekking-in-Nepal.html Trekking and Hiking in Nepal,freelance guide in nepal,trekking in nepal 2016 - Trekking in nepal is a best way to discover different people and their traditions with a local, nepal is a small landlocked country but we do have a so many activities for example trek, tour, kayaking,bungee jump so on,well i would say to the trekkers you should visit the place with a local people.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/region/1-Annapurna-Trekking-and-Hiking.html Annapurna trekking and hiking,best thins of Annapurna, Annapurna - Annapurna trekking and hiking is One of the popular trekking route in Nepal. Annapurna is the name of mountain range include Dhaulagiri (8167m) which is 7th highest mountain in the world.Annapurna is quite wide spared region and it has many trekking route such as base camp,Annapurna cir-cute,Ghorepani poon hill, Dhampus, Mardi Himal so on.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/190-Mardi-Himal-trekking.html Mardi Himal trek guide, independent-Freelance Mardi Himal trek guide - The Mardi Himal trekking located to he mid west of nepal and it has really a beauty of nature and the unbelievable land escape and the view of Mt.Machapuchre. it has few alternative trails and also you can extend your holiday over there especially to he low camp where you get to see beautiful sunrise and sunset.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/158-Jomsom-Muktinath-Trekking.html Jomsom hiking,jomsom muktinath trekking - Jomsom Muktinath Trekking starts in Pokhara visiting Poon Hill and Ghorepani. This is a famous short trek in Nepal. The summit of Poon Hill is an amazing place to see sunrise and sunset with panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. The trek continues to the natural hot springs, Tatopani, next to the Kali Gandaki river. Here trekkers can relax by the riverside, bathing in the thermal waters. You then follow the Kali Gandaki valley to Kagbeni
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/138-Ghorepani-Poon-Hill-Trekking.html freelance Ghorepani trekking guide, Annapurna Ghorepani trekking - Ghorepani Poon hill trekking is one of the easiest,relaxing and mildest trekking routes in Nepal. Along this Ghorepani Poon hill trekking route you will meet many types of local ethnic groups. You will experience real Nepali life from locals working in the many rice fields, porters carrying their loads to stock mountain shops and buffalo herders all type of typical work you can see at Ghorepani poon hill trekking.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/155-Royal-Annapurna-Trekking.html annapurna royal trekking, - Royal trek that offers spectacular views of the annpurna range and the best view of machhapuchhre (fish tail )of Machhapuchhare to the north side of Pokhara, This is a trek that takes you away from the standard Annapurna routes tramped by many tourist each year. It is a camping trek as the villages have not been spoiled by tourism and so have not built Tea Houses.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/137-Annapurna-Base-Camp-Trek.html Annapurna Base Camp Trekking,Annapurna scentury trek,freelance annapurna trekking - The principal peaks of the western portion of the great Annapurna Himal,including Hiun-chuli,Annapurna South, Annapurna, Ganagapurna,Annapurna III and Machhapuchhare(fishtail),are arranged almost precisely in a circle about 10 miles in diameter with a deep glacier-covered amphitheater at the center. annapurna base camp is being so famous day by day because of the less altitude as well as lovely mountains around when you get there.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/167-Siklish-shor-Annaurna-Trek.html shiklish Annapurna trek,Annapurna siklesh trek - siklish annapurna trek is ashort hiking near pokhara and it is very easy walkin route to see all annapurna range included over 8 thousand mt.high mountain.shiklish trek is becoming very popular because it's easy ,very short,and safe trekking route.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/152-Annapurna-Circuit-Trekking.html Annapurna circuit trekking,Round annapurna trekking - Annapurna circuit trekking is a lodge-based trek,so we spend time in villages inhabited by many of Nepal's different tribes, both Buddhist and Hindu.Every day brings opportunities to gain an insight into the local culture and interact with the local communities whose land we are walking through, whether by bartering for souvenirs, talking to the inquisitive children or relaxing at a tea house.Round Annapurna trekking provides so many interesting things and the people along the way to Thorangala is really kind and helpful so this is one of the best and something different than other trekking trails in Nepal.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/183-Honey-moon-trip-in-nepal.html Nepal Honeymoon trip, - Annapurna is the best destination for a couple to have fun and discover the localities and enjoy the gorgeous mountains.The time you spent in Annapurna per second is memorable cause of their verities .so honeymoon trip in nepal can be your highlight trip ever if you manage your holiday to be here in nepal.Honeymoon trip in nepal being quite famous since few hours in nepal because it is more natural and cheaper comparatively spending a ime in other countries and also the peole from nepal mostly they are kind and there are so many interesting places.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/184-Annapurna---hiking.html Annapurna Nepal,budgeting annapurna trekking, - Annapurna trekking via Ghandruk village is the one where 500 trekkers visit everyday especially in poonhill,It is opne of the famous trekking and best place for sunrise of Annapurna panorama.Ghorepani is situated on the top of the hill called Deurali too where you get to see already so many mountains included Dhaulagiri.
  • http://www.nepaleverestguide.com/tripDetail/186-Pokhara-valley-tour.html where to go in nepal, what is the best place to go in nepal - nepal has quite some place to go and visit with local guide which is more reliable than bookingh your trip with big agency so you dont nmeed to be worry where to go in nepal there are many places to go and nice too ,,i am sure you will enjoy alot where ever you out of city in nepal.

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    My shirt came with the wolves printed on the inside of the shirt and the seams and tag on the outside of the shirt. Not recommended.

  • Jonathan - Honda CRV Weathertechs!!!

    Great floor mats to help keep yoir cars carpet/interior looking like new. Easy to clean and keep all the dirt, spills, etc in the liner which is what i was looking for. Quality product and would definitely recommend if you plan on keeping your cars inside looking like new!

  • Mike - This worked well for me....once I understood the process

    I had a big toe toenail fungus for over 10 years (since I was in college). The only options I had been offered were a prescription drug my doctor actually recommended against due to the potential side effects or the option of cutting the toenail completely off in an outpatient procedure. This sure beat both of them!

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  • Dennis A. Blue - Nice aftermarket mudflaps

    Very easy to install. Only complaint is that they do require drilling per the instructions. I didn't install the screws that required drilling and they seem to very sturdy.

  • HiroDuke - Buyer Beware! GoPro Hero 3 Contains Issues

    Beware that the GoPro Hero 3 is either not production ready or their Quality Department has dropped the ball. I am currently on my first replacement unit and will have to either return this or obtain another replacement, the issues are the following:

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