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Neuromics-Reagents that Work for Drug Discovery and Basic Research - Tested, characterized and research ready antibodies, proteins, apoptosis kits, stem cells, primary neurons, mammalian cells, elisa buffers-diluents and transfection kits. Brought to you by Neuromics. Designed for Neuroscience, Diabetes-Obesity, Cancer, Immunology , Inflammation and Cardiovascular Researchers.

  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x6217x1x96 Research Ready Antibodies - Tested, Characterized and Research Proven Antibodies. Widely used and frequently published. Designed for Neuroscience, Diabetes-Obesity, Cancer, Immunology , Inflammation and Cardiovascular Researchers.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x6221x1x96 Research Ready Apoptosis Detection and Cytotoxicity Measurement Kits, Apoptosis Research Antibodies - Tested, Characterized Reagents for studying Apoptosis, Cytotoxicity and Oxidative Stress. Includes fluorescent probes for detecting aoptosis in vitro and in vivo. Also kits for measuring Cytoxicity and cytolytic processes by flow cytometry. Designed for Oncologists and Neuroscientists studying apoptosis and cell death.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x622cx1x96 Human Primary and Stem Cells-3-D Culturing Tools, Culture Media and Antibody Arrays/ELISAs - Energize your drug discovery and basic research! Potent primary and stem cells + serum free media. Neurons, Fibroblasts, MSCs, HUVECs, Osteoblasts and so much more.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x622fx1x96 Research Ready Transposons and Transfection Kits - Tested, chacterized and research proven kits and gene editing tools and tranposons. Kits and reagents are extensively screened for high efficiency and low toxicity. Neuromics is an expert at delivering siRNA and dsiRNA in vivo and in vitro with the widely used and published i-Fect kit. Kits are also designed to delivery DNA plasmids, proteins and viral vectors into neurons and other cell types.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x622bx1x96 Research Ready Human, Rat and Mouse Neurons, Astrocytes, Glia, Microglia and Schwann Cells - Easy to use Robust and Healthy Primary Human, Rat and Mouse Neurons and Astrocytes. Just thaw and plate. Includes fresh and frozen neural tissue derived from Cortex, Hippocampus, Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG), Mid-brain, Spinal Cord, Hypothalamus, and Cerebellum. Human microgial, glia and schwann cells also available.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x622dx1x96 Research Ready Recombinant and Natural Proteins - Tested, Characterized and Research Proven Recombinant and Natural Proteins. Designed for Neuroscience, Diabetes-Obesity, Cancer, Immunology , Inflammation and Cardiovascular Researchers.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x622ax1x96 Labeling, purification kits, secondary antibodies and related reagents - Best of class Labeling kits, tags, secondary antibodies and related reagents for excellent results. Includes ultrabrite fluorescent dyes, Green Florescent Protein (GFP) and other fluoro-markers, protein expression and purificaction systems and anti-fade media. Brand names: Chromeo dyes, Solulink and IBA's Strep- tag Products.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/reference/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x622ex1x96 Research Ready Stem Cell Research Reagents - Tested, Characterized and Research Proven Reagents. Includes embryonic derived human and rat neurons and progenitors, stem cell markers-antibodies, stem cell active recombinant proteins and FACS kits.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/visit/A1x66x1y1x85b0x1x9dy1x6258x1x85 Neuromics' Product Categories - Tested, characterized and research ready antibodies, proteins, apoptosis kits, stem cells, primary neurons, mammalian cells, elisa buffers-diluents and transfection kits.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/customer-data-pubs Neuromics' Customer Publications and Data - Publications and Data referencing Neuromics' antibodies, recombinant proteins, primary neurons, stem cell research reagents, apoptosis kits and transfection kits.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/support-contacts Neuromics' Support and Contact Information - Includes support for immunohistochemistry, immunofluoresence, immocytochemistry, flow cytometry, ELISA, apoptosis detection, cell culturing and FACs..
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ordering Neuromics' Ordering Options - Option for ordering our antibodies, proteins, stem cells, neurons, transfection kits, apoptosis kits and ELISA reagents.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/testimonials Neuromics' Customer Testimonials - Customer testimonials highlighting succesful use of our reagents in a variety of applications. These include immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, western blotting, neuron, glia and astrocytes cell culturing, apoptosis detection, gene expression analysis and protein expression/purifiaction.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/3-d-cell-tissue-based-models 3-D Human Cell or Tissue Based Models - Disease focused 3-D Human Cell/Tissue Models. Designed and engineered for the drug discovery and toxicology assays. Excellent for Neurodegenerative, autoimmune and other diseases and cnacers.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/visit/A1x66x1y1x85b1x1x9cy1x622bx1x96y1x5c7fx1x82 hN2 Primary Human Neurons Discovery and High Throughput Screening Kits-derived from the NIH registered parental hES cell line H9 (WA09) - Easy to use hN2 Primary Human Neurons-Just thaw and plate. Cells are positive for many neuronal phenotypes including: HB9 for motoneurons, ChAT for cholinergic neurons, DAT for dopaminergic neurons, GABA for GABAergic neurons. High Throughput Screening or HTS kit is an excellent choice for high-throughput (96- and 384-well) formatted assays.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/visit/A1x66x1y1x85b1x1x9cy1x622cx1x96y1xa709x1x82 Stressed Selected Stem or MUSE Cells - Derived from our UCB Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells-Survive to thrive! Designed for the small molecule and compound drug discovery. These cells complete the picture.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/visit/A1x66x1y1x85b1x1x9cy1x622cx1x96y1x9101x1x82 Human Osteoblasts-Native and FITC Labeled - Potent, pure and and easy to culture hMSC derived Osteoblast Cells. Designed for the study of bone metabolism, osteogenesis and disease of the joint and bone like osteoarthritis.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/visit/A1x66x1y1x85b1x1x9cy1x622cx1x96y1x9101x1x82y1x9113x1x7f Native Human Osteoblasts - Vial continues 500,000 chondrocytes cells. Sufficient # of cells for high content screening assays. Designed for for the study of bone formation, metabolism and related degenerative diseases.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/visit/A1x66x1y1x85b1x1x9cy1x622cx1x96y1x9a55x1x82 Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts, Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts, Tumor Associated Fibroblasts or CAFs and Tumor Cells. - Potent and easy to culture CAFs and Tumor Cells. CAFs are closely associated with primary tumor cells and participate in the neoplastic process. There is reciprocal communication between CAFs and tumor cells through paracrine effects of secreted growth factors, cytokines & chemokines from both fibroblasts, tumor cells and other tumor-associated cells.
  • http://www.neuromics.com/ittrium/visit/A1x66x1y1x85b1x1x9cy1x622dx1x96y1x92f4x1x82 Small Molecules and Neuropeptides Supplier for Neuroscience and Stem Cell Research - Designed for the study of neurotransmission, synaptic mechansims. nociciption, Neuronal and eSC Differentiation/Self renewal. These molecules include agonists, antagonists, inhibitors and promotors of growth and differentiation.

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  • Mandy - Nice

    These ornaments are nice. They are heavy and seem like they will be durable. I like the classic finish on them.

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