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  • JANICE THOMPSON - Acnefree is the best acne treatment for me

    Acnefree is the best acne treatment for me. I have tried numerous creams, cleanser, gels etc but none compares to acnefree. I even tried proaciv which was too harsh. Acnefree on the other hand is gentle but very effective. The price is also very affordable. I keep replenishing as soon as it gets low because it keeps my acne at bay. Good product!

  • Carrie Brown - Don't waste your money

    It's an electric razor, not a miracle hair remover like it claims. Your hair will grow back just as quickly as if you used a regular razor. Also - there are no instructions to tell how to change out the heads. I was not impressed at all.

  • Kindle Customer - Who knew the Police State could be so much fun!

    I don't know what they were thinking, teaching me all those years ago that a police state was bad! It's not bad, it's FUN and now we have this nifty little toy to confirm that for us. Don't teach your kids that they are innocent until they are proven guilty - no! go straight to guilty and save all the tears and fears. Don't teach your kids that they have the right to privacy - no! with this fine piece of plastic, you can teach your children that they don't deserve privacy and the government has every right in the world to allow some overweight, smelly (probably) former felon to stick their hands down anyone's pants they choose! This is America after all, land of the no longer brave and used to be free. Why should you harm your child with antiquated notions of freedom and liberty. Don't be a fool for liberty, buy this wonderful teaching tool for your children today.

  • harold - ... taking Ovasital for a week now and i feel great. I bought it as a last resort for ...

    I have been taking Ovasital for a week now and i feel great. I bought it as a last resort for pcos. I have not had a period in about 6 months. So far it has helped with my mood swings and is giving me more energy. I will update in a month or so.

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