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Willkommen bei Novartis Consumer Health - Novartis Schweiz - Ein innovatives Gesundheitsunternehmen mit Pharmazeutika zur Behandlung von Herz-Kresilauferkrankungen, Diabetes und Stoffwechselerkrankungen, Krebs, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Bluthochdruck und infekti??Krankheiten

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  • Gerald E. Boelens - Purchased to replace the Organic Green non stick pan I ...

    Purchased to replace the Organic Green non stick pan I have had for a few years. This Titanium Gotham Steel pan is junk. Washed pan upon receipt, and attempted to fry a couple eggs that stuck to the pan even on low heat. It is going into the trash and the Organic Green will continue to be my pan of choice.

  • Regina M. Napolitano - Box in photo is mislabeled - tone is just red, not red-blue

    The box I got is labeled as shade 20R. I was looking for something with a blue tone (signified by B in the color number, e.g. 20RB). I have a pink/cool complexion and need a shade with blue tones. I can't use straight red tones (signified by R).

  • HappyMom28 - Kids like it.

    Very soft, lovable bear. My little kids like to haul it around by the hat, and it is still holding together well.

  • Melissa Tate - Excellent!

    Great for purse or booksack--to use in those times when you just HAVE to use a public/work restroom. Great product!

  • Waldo Wally - Finally something did the magic for me...

    Just tried ZzzQuil last night for the the first time and it worked for me great. I have been having trouble sleeping for the few weeks due to some work related stress and tried different pills and this particular sleep-aid suited me the best. I had sound sleep all night and best part was I woke up feeling fresh and ready to go. Other pills like Unisom or Benadryl didn't really help me sleep well and worst part that it made me feel groggy and tiered in the morning which lasted for several hours after I was awake and impacted my daily productivity. This is just my personal opinion based on my experience.

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