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Uncover the hidden relationships in big data with Eureqa | Nutonian, Inc. - Nutonian is the Robotic Data Scientist™ - providing answers to big data questions you never knew to ask, automatically.

  • http://www.nutonian.com/products/eureqa/ Eureqa | Nutonian, Inc. - Eureqa is the first predictive analytics solutions that couples incredibly accurate predictions with simple, sharable explanations. Eureqa is the ideal solution for businesses that not only need 'tactical' prediction, but a strategic understanding of how and why things work.
  • http://www.nutonian.com/resources/ Resources | Nutonian, Inc. - Learn how Nutonian optimizes outcomes and brings the power of interpretable understanding to both data scientists and business users.
  • http://www.nutonian.com/research/ Published Research Papers | Nutonian, Inc. - More than 80 research papers have cited Eureqa in breakthrough outcomes in their fields of study. See how symbolic regression can be applied to widely varying applications.
  • http://www.nutonian.com/company/about About Nutonian | Nutonian, Inc. - Founded in 2011 by two of the world's leading data scientists, Nutonian has developed a breakthrough technology that enables anyone to uncover and explain the intrinsic relationships hidden within complex data.
  • http://www.nutonian.com/demo Request a Demo | Nutonian, Inc. - Experience a 1 on 1 demonstration to see how Nutonian's data science automation tools drive mission critical projects quickly and efficiently.
  • http://www.nutonian.com/landing/machine-intelligence-golden-age-analytics/ Machine Intelligence: The Golden Age of Analytics [Whitepaper] | Nutonian, Inc. - Nutonian’s Eureqa combines intuition and data science at the heart of decision-making, leading to real value for business leaders and increased analytical capacity for any organization. CITO Research believes that Eureqa represents a groundbreaking development with its ability to automatically convert raw data into understanding and sustainable competitive advantage.
  • http://www.nutonian.com/products/eureqa-desktop/quote-request Eureqa Desktop | Nutonian, Inc. - Eureqa (pronounced 'eureka') is new technology for uncovering and explaining the intrinsic mathematical relationships hidden in complex data sets.

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  • Drakodan - I am learning to play Guitar! how cool is that?

    I have been wanting to learn how to play guitar for years and this has finally got me playing. It is fun and engaging. I love the arcade section. My one complaint is the choice of songs. I found a few I like, but I am not crazy about the song list.

  • Ty C. - These shoes are amazing, I have the men's version and bought these ...

    These shoes are amazing, I have the men's version and bought these for my girlfriend. I get compliments on the looks for mine, and she has as well. These are great for runs up to 10mi. If you're continuosly running 10+mi go with the Nike Lunar Glides, they have much thicker support for the long distance. These shoes are sleek and better looking though, and I prefer them to the Lunar Glides based off look and feel.

  • Drew - Sy, the bears and some peas

    My grandfather would often tell me stories from the war - he was stationed in Korea, as a medic - and about how there was a certain look in a man's eyes when he realized he was facing death.

  • D. Edward Tench - Holy and unholy prophecies can agree?

    Some people doubt and scoff at end-time theories of any kind but "...they know not what they do." Some eschatological theorists view Mecca as the seven-hilled Babylon of modernity and expect an Islamic Antichrist. Thomas Horn's argument - offered in Zenith (and his other books as well) - that "all roads lead to Rome" should give both camps pause. Many consider the Vatican to be leading the way when it comes to continuing the false mystery religion of yore. The reality of course, is that the entire world has been infected by the lies that first became institutionalized in the days of Nimrod. Time will tell which false system will introduce the pseudochristos to the world.

  • J. Churchill - It Works

    So far it has been very stable and an easy transition from the 2010 Developer Studio. Most of my projects are native C++ using MFC and everything transferred over fine. The new version seems a little snappier and so far the Intelli Sense seems to keep running.

  • nash - Worth it!

    Awesome book that summaries a lot of information into concise easy to read pages! I personally like princeton review and this book is a good way to go if you are reviewing for your MCAT

  • Boots918 - Save your money!

    Just another Scam trying to make people think if they pay a lot of money they can lose weight or get healthy. Diet and exercise is all anyone needs. The only thing that will be lighter after buying this is your wallet!

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