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The National Vulvodynia Association - The National Vulvodynia Association is a non-profit that works to improve the health and quality of life for women with chronic vulvar pain. Learn more!

  • https://www.nva.org/what-is-vulvodynia/ What is Vulvodynia? - What is Vulvodynia? It is chronic vulvar pain. The most common symptom is burning while the location and severity of pain varies among woman. Learn more.
  • https://www.nva.org/what-is-vulvodynia/treatment/ Vulvodynia Treatments - Are you looking to learn more about what Vulvodynia treatments there are? We can help you by outlining all the treatments currently available. Learn More!

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  • Mark Bautista - i love timbuk2 stuff

    i love timbuk2 stuff. very durable and stows away in my closet easily. i like the book bag straps. kinda wish it had a traditional over the shoulder duffel back strap.

  • owinston289 - Streets and Trips 2013

    Once I got my computer configured to download the maps, there was no problems. The software is east to use and has most of the information desired. Lacks some restaurant locations, otherwise an excellent product. The best on the market.

  • Avid Reader - I liked the book

    Bottom-line, I liked the book. Darren Street learns what happens when one fails to monitor what they say and how they say it. He also learned it doesn't pay to use knee-jerk responses to every situation. Ben Clancy is a piece of work and represents every stereotypical southern white boy with a god complex. It was interesting to see how Darren managed to survive while being his own worst enemy.

  • Marvin - ... it to upgrade my old hard drive which works fine. However

    I purchased it to upgrade my old hard drive which works fine. However, I was disappointed to the result. Speed wise, I have no complaints. It was fast when it is working normally. However, the one I had is not stable so that it is difficult for me to give it a positive review.

  • Fiber Lady - Worst ever

    I have used Hallmark Card Studio for years. I have tried the competitors and always stayed with Hallmark - UNTIL NOW.

  • K. Mclean - Love it

    Works great! My son was having a hard time staying in his room until it was time to be awake. He loves this clock and is very willing to wait until the light turns green. We just wish there was an ability to set a second alarm.

  • Brad B - Do not purchase this product

    I bought this through Amazon but the BlueDevil Company did not stand behind the warranty. They were very rude and difficult to work with. Not happy with them at all and the product did not work. I spent many hours working with this product. You have to remove the thermostat run it for about an hour after removing all of the antifreeze, then remove the product, then add back in the antifreeze. This is not for a novice. You do need to have proper tools which I do have. I would recommend that Amazon not sell this product.

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