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Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Olympia Chiropractor keeping Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater healthy and active with evidence-based chiropractic care and sports medicine..

  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/blog/ Olympia Sports Chiropractor - An Olympia Chiropractor dedicated to keeping Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater healthy and active with evidence-based chiropractic care and sports medicine emphasis
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/ Chiropractic Services | Olympia Sports Chiropractor - A wide variety of treatments are customized to each patient including chiropractic adjustments, kinesio tape, laser therapy, exercise, and spinal traction.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/chiropractic-adjusments/ Chiropractic Adjustments | Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to decrease pain and increase mobility by improving joint function, relaxing muscles, and decreasing inflammation.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/chiropractic-adjusments/pain-management-rehabilitation/ Pain Management & Rehabilitation | Olympia Sports Chiropractor - Back pain is one of the leading reasons for patients to visit their doctor or physical therapist in the US, with over 80% of the population affected over a lifetime. As a result, treatment for back and neck complaints is estimated to cost $48 billion per year.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/kinesio-tape/ Kinesio Tape | Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Olympia Chiropractor Kelly Golob uses Kinesio Tape to help decrease pain, increase strength, and reduce inflammation.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/level-laser/ Low Level Laser Therapy | Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Low Level Laser Therapy is used by Olympia Chiropractor Kelly Golob to accelerate the healing process and decrease inflammation.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/rehabilitation-exercise/ Exercise & Rehab | Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Exercise has been shown to be an effective complement to chiropractic adjustments and is used frequently by Dr. Golob to help prevent future injuries.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/rehabilitation-exercise/sports-performance/ Sports & Performance | Olympia Sports Chiropractor - As a former professional basketball player, and athlete himself, Dr. Golob has firsthand experience as well as specialized training in analyzing gait and muscle-firing patterns, taping, bracing, neuromuscular re-education, strength and conditioning, muscle energy techniques, injury rehabilitation, and sport-specific performance maximization.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/services/rehabilitation-exercise/spinal-traction/ Spinal Traction | Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Spinal Traction, used by Olympia Chiropractor Dr. Golob, can be used to relieve back and sciatic pain by increasing disc space and relieving compressive forces.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/schedule-an-appointment/ Contact | Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Schedule your appointment with Olympia Chiropractor Kelly Golob online Today or call 360-570-9580!
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/schedule-an-appointment/speaking-events/ Health Talks & Seminars | Olympia Sports Chiropractor - Dr. Golob is available to give seminars on a wide variety of topics to coaches, teams, clubs, businesses, and schools in the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater areas.
  • http://www.olympiasportschiropractor.com/about/ About Dr. Golob | Olympia Sports Chiropractor | Kelly Golob - Olympia Chiropractor Kelly Golob is dedicated to keeping Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater healthy with evidence-based chiropractic care and sports medicine.

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  • S. Henley - Couldn't raise a dog without this stuff

    I have terriers and I live in an apartment. Occasionally it's my fault (home late) that they have an accident in the house. I love this liquid. It's all natural, non-chemical, non-carcinogenic, but it really works to remove the odor and appearance from our antique oriental rugs. FYI It also works amazingly on coffee stains and other types of stains. I spilled coffee on a beloved white quilt with a gorgeous flower print, which left a huge brown spot in a prominent location. I applied Nature's Miracle. I came back to check on it an hour later and the flower print was still lovely, the white still bright, and the only evidence of coffee spill was a wet spot that dried. It does leave a smell of Nature's Miracle for a few days, and in humid weather, it's harder to get clean - not sure why, must have something to do with enzyme life or something. It works better when it can dry out completely.

  • Lorrie and cats - Bobbin problems otherwise a great machine,

    I love this machine but replacing the bobbin is a real ordeal .It is extremely difficult to get the thread through a VERY tiny place on the side which the directions say the thread must go. It takes me so long I dread changing bobbins as this is a very poor design on the bobbin holder.

  • June malig - Unsatisfied and then what?

    The item received is not in the box as seen when i ordered. The product itself are not sealed.. I wondered if insigde the product are legitimate minoxidil solution... So dissapointed again....

  • M. Nichols - I wish I could rate it in the negative stars. Like -5.

    I purchased this software along with my computer that I had customized through a major computer manufacter that I'm probably not supposed to mention here. I was really excited about getting this software for burning cd's. It was not preloaded onto the computer, I had to download it from a cd that came with the computer. I didn't have any problem installing it and it seemed to function OK at the start, but then after a couple weeks my computer started doing buggy things like not recognizing my e and f drives(the dvd drives). One time the f drive would not exist on my computer and another time my e drive would disapear. Then at times I couldn't eject a disc out of the drives and I would have to restart my computer. Now when I try using Roxio to burn a cd, I get an error message and also I now get coasters from my blank cd's. Tonight my f drive disappeared again and I finally suspected my Roxio software and so I came onto Amazon and saw all of the bad reviews for this Roxio 2011 software and one of the reviews said to uninstall the software. And so I did and now all of the buggyness has stopped. Both of my drives are showing up and are active and I can eject the cd's now with no problem. I am using another burner software now and I am having no further issues. If Roxio doesn't fix these issues then I beleive that the company will not be around much longer. I know that I will no longer purchase anything from them. They use to be a good company, but not any more.

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