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  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18056/bac-president-speaks-at-malaysian-conference BAC President speaks at Malaysian conference - British Association for Cytopathology President and IBMS Council member Allan Wilson recently travelled to Hong Kong and Malaysia to give talks to students and professionals in the fields of biomedical and laboratory science. Allan is Lead Biomedical Scientist in Cellular Pathology and Advanced Practitioner in Cervical Cytology at Monklands Hospital, Airdrie, and an Honorary Fellow of The Royal College of Pathologists.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18052/over-diagnosis-of-thyroid-cancer Over-diagnosis of thyroid cancer - A new report by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in collaboration with the Aviano National Cancer Institute in Italy shows that the growing epidemic of thyroid cancer reported in recent decades in several high-income countries is largely due to over-diagnosis (ie the diagnosis of tumours that are very unlikely to cause symptoms or death during a person’s lifetime).
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18051/olusegun-olayemi-wins-elisabeth-pletscher-award Olusegun Olayemi wins Elisabeth Pletscher Award - The International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) has awarded Olusegun Olayemi the Elisabeth Pletscher Award. This award is given to an outstanding IFBLS Associate member for their continuous support of biomedical laboratory science through continuing education and other activities, and to promote the objectives of IFBLS.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18050/life-sciences-participation-at-harvest-festival Life sciences participation at Harvest Festival - In July, life sciences staff at Coventry University were invited to participate in a Science and Nature Trail at the Harvest Festival held at Jimmy’s Farm in Ipswich. Jimmy Doherty, an ex-Coventry University graduate, is well known from the BBC programme Jimmy’s Farm and through his partnership with Jamie Oliver on Channel 4.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18021/taking-the-fight-to-antimicrobial-resistance Taking the fight to antimicrobial resistance - Scientists from around the world attending the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) conference in Manchester recently heard that 2016 marks the year a ‘long overdue’ scientific fight back against the threat of antibiotic resistance finally gets underway.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18020/designer-protein-aids-study-of-alzheimers-disease Designer protein aids study of Alzheimer’s disease - A new protein which will help scientists to understand why nerve cells die in people with Alzheimer’s disease has been designed in a University of Sussex laboratory.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/17955/less-concentrated-hydrogen-peroxide-fails-to-kill-mrsa Less-concentrated hydrogen peroxide fails to kill MRSA - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is not eradicated with low-concentration hydrogen peroxide airborne treatment, according to the latest research published recently. A comparative study conducted by an independent laboratory, published in Letters in Applied Microbiology (Murdoch LE, Bailey L, Banham E, Watson F, Adams NM, Chewins J. Evaluating different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in an automated room disinfection system. Lett Appl Microbiol 2016 Jun 21. doi: 10.1111/lam.12607 [Epub ahead of print]), tested the efficacy of 5%, 10% and 35% weight by weight (w/w) hydrogen peroxide solutions when used with an automated room disinfection system.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/17954/primary-screening-for-human-papillomavirus Primary screening for human papillomavirus - The introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) primary screening in England was announced recently. DNA-based HPV testing has been at the heart of research over the past 10 years, through the landmark ATHENA study, which has demonstrated the long‐term safety of using HPV DNA as a predictor of cervical cancer risk.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18079/capillary-electrophoresis-technology-and-its-uses Capillary electrophoresis: technology and its uses - Capillary electrophoresis is an analytical technique that separates ions based on their electrophoretic mobility and has found laboratory application in the assessment of a number of clinical conditions, as Jean Deenmamode explains.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18076/mohs-and-the-benefits-of-new-embedding-and-staining-systems Mohs and the benefits of new embedding and staining systems - Guy Orchards reports on preliminary work to assess the benefits of the latest equipment designed to facilitate frozen section preparation and staining in a laboratory supporting a Mohs micrographic surgery service.
  • http://www.pathologyinpractice.com/story/18080/validation-of-the-quanta-flash-ttg-iga-detection-system Validation of the QUANTA Flash tTG IgA detection system - Femi Saleh and colleagues assess the value of a new chemiluminescence method to detect antibodies to human tissue transglutaminase in coeliac disease.

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  • Mackan - Expected more...

    I like the device more in the beginning. As it was nice to see that it had cleaned around the walls and under the table in the living room.

  • Andrew Bittan - Not PayPal Here Compatible

    This is not compatible with PayPal Here POS system. Can only use manual way to install printer in Windows. Still not compatible with PayPal Here system

  • Dave_0512 - Kindle Fire UNFRIENDLY

    I cannot believe that Amazon doesn't have the NABRE in a Kindle Fire friendly format. For that matter the same is true of the Kindle edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These two e-books are the bread and butter of any Catholic and especially those of us in ministry, With all the promotion given to the Fire I was so surprised to find that these in-demand e-books are not in sync with the Fire. PLEASE Amazon...let's remedy this problem ASAP.

  • Amazon Customer - SecureAnywhere installation broken

    With the increased popularity of Mac computers, OS-X has become more of a target for malware and adding security software seemed like a good idea. Based on a lot of favorable reviews, I chose to install SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete on my home iMAC, a 2 year old machine running Mountain Lion with all the system software fully up to date. Installation was a little odd since the box indicated it was for a PC, Mac or mobile device, but the CD didn't include the Mac installation software, just the Windows version. I downloaded it from the WEBROOT site and installed it with no apparent problems.

  • George Jefferson - good value

    look closely like the original Sienna hubcaps. they do not have the logo and they are not quite the quality of the original hubcaps but they work. good value

  • Ursula - Didn't last long....

    My son was so excited when he received his V cube, but it simply didn't last long. Very quickly the stickers began peeling off. We ended up buying him a different kind to replace it. It was a waste of money.

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