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Alaska Engineers, Planning, Design, Construction, Consulting - PDC Inc. - PDC's full-service engineering capabilities and specialized expertise include planning, design, and construction of multi-faceted facilities in Alaska and the Pacific.

Country:, North America, US

City: -147.7164 Alaska, United States

  • Alan Nitikman - Succeeds brilliantly - Process Improvement in novel form.

    Wow! This has been around for awhile, but a friend in an MBA program recommended it to me, even though I am not in manufacturing (IT), but it changes the way you think about process and makes its points gracefully and dramatically. Presenting business theory in novel form truly IS novel... and quite effective. A fun red.

  • Michael H - This solved my problem.

    I am a manufacturer of wooden toilet seats. Until I saw this report, I had no idea that China was even a viable market. I am so pleased that I now know that through 2014 the outlook for wooden toilet seats are good for China and thus I shall send them to the Chinese people (who, in a stroke of coincidence, actually made them!)

  • J. Koon - great resource

    I have looked at several editions of this book over the past few years and am always impressed by the amount of information it provides. This book does a great job of providing information on universities by state and by focus of study. It gives plenty of information to help potential graduate students make more informed choices. My only complaint is a small one. I would prefer if they added a way to look up specific degrees. Right now you have to look up each school to see the degrees or look it up by focus. If you wanted to earn an EdD for example, you would have to look through every school or subject listed. Not a big deal, but my only suggestion for improving this great book.

  • Reanna - My Favorite Coffee!!!

    This is my absolute favorite Starbucks coffee!! I literally wait all year for Casi Cielo to come back out and I try every year to by a full years worth. Of course I drink it too often to make it last the whole year. :)

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