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  • Oconnorb - Food flavor change

    The pan is a non-stick pan for sure so far, but my dislike is the flavor of the food from this pan. I have cooked fried eggs, ham, hash browns and grilled cheese and each had a horrible taste to it. I bought two and gave one as a gift but I warned him. Threw mine out~

  • Natalia - OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES Case for iPhone 7

    Otterbox rules. I love the protection the product is built to do. The commuter series is nice and thin with a double layer of protection.

  • Joshua Abrams - Great Headset

    This is a great headset. I have owned it for a while and I really like the ease of connectivity and the microphone is sensitive enough where I feel like I don't have to yell. Sometimes when I am talking to people they do ask what I am doing because they pick up some background noise. One of the best headsets I have owned and I owned many different types of Jawbone. I could never get any of the Jawbones to fit as comfortable as this.

  • Amy Jamieson - Great product... Have realistic expectations and you'll love it too!

    I have read so many reviews on here about people complaining that this 'shuts off when too much pressure is applied' and that it's not 'strong enough'. Well, duh. That's all I can say. If you want a construction quality sander buy a mouse sander or a dremel sander.

  • bmorejen - Fast and convenient

    My Nexus 5X says "rapidly charging" when I use this charger, and it is indeed very fast! Also like that the cord is longer than the one that came with the phone.

  • Mufasa - The Hairy Gorge

    Despite having read almost all the reviews and warnings for this product, I decided to do away with the trusty steel scissors and miniature weed whacker for hair removal and switch to Nair for Men. Much like the gorge that saw Mufasa trampled by stampeding wilderbeast, my canyon was rugged, dry and full of a wiry undergrowth that required machetes to gain safe passage. While the murky waterhole seldom attracts a crowd, the pride rocks and gnarled trunk have been known to feature at gatherings and small parties. Taking care not to interfere with the circle of life, I layed it on as thick as the smell of Pumba's expulsions after a night bookended by curry and lager. It wasn't long until I began to notice the smell of a Kofta Lajawab and Kingfisher combination, though with a hint of ammonia and a faint bubbling sound. No amount of mint yoghurt or plum sauce could be enough to soothe the fire engulfing my onion bahjis. It was only with a hasty application of a cold galic naan that stretched from the dark, shadowy place right up to the peak of pride rock that any relief came. Three plain salted mango lassis and some liberal hosing later, the dust had settled and a new king arose... and Scar was his name.

  • Edward Crabtree - Needed something fast

    This was suggested by two of my computer wizards. I figured if they liked it, it had to be good. I have not any problems since using Avast in the last several years, I even convinced my wife to put it on her computer. I used to have other brands but had problems with the way they interracted with my other programs and just had to delete them. Avast plays nice with all programs.

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