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  • D. Scott - An "okay" space adventure/horror story but NO science or believability at all

    Okay, the first couple of books in this series were dark as well as depressing but sort of okay. This latest addition, however, barely was readable. If you have had elementary school science, then this series will stretch your patience. There is also very little consistency of weaponry, armor, ships, species, or the various abilities supposedly each has. For an example, the giant centipedes are immune to plasma blasts one second but a .50 cal machine gun destroys the bug..... Then there are so many basic mistakes regarding space travel and vacuum that you really should just skip the space battles. I won't even get into the failure of the atmospheric battles or how fires and sound do not flourish in vacuum.

  • Maverick - HORRIBLE!

    HORRIBLE! If you have an older dog DO NOT BUY! I have four labs, two are ten years plus the other two are less than five. The younger two seemed to do fine but the older ones after about two weeks of use began to have seizures. They were very healthy previously so I have to lay blame at the collars. I discontinued use at returned at once and the have been fine ever since.

  • David Lehmann - Just as good as any Titliest ball

    matching ball to player is tricky but these seem to be good fit for wide range of average players. No one here with 200 mph ball speed.

  • Roni J - It came well packaged and has a nice presentation. I found it was easy to fill ...

    We are big fans of grinding both our own peppercorns as well as our own salt. We recently had purchased some pink Himalayan rock salt and didn't have any way to grind it, so was thrilled to be able to try this product. It came well packaged and has a nice presentation. I found it was easy to fill by lifting the small flap on the top and held a generous but not overwhelming amount of whatever product suits you. You can operate the grinder with one hand; however I did find it was a bit difficult to fully squeeze the handle completely with the rock salt - perhaps it would have been easier with peppercorns instead. Overall it is a nice product that is well made. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount but I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received ZERO compensation.

  • Cindy - Sweet

    This book is good for the soul. I purchased the Audible version and Joanna's and Chip's voices are a relaxing addition to the content. Way to go....great reading guys. Thanks for sharing your history with us!

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