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  • Mod MINI - Did not fix a large head crack a MINI Cooper S...

    Product did not seem to work on a MINI Cooper S supercharged with small coolant leak. It would hold during idle, but blow out the seal each time car is driven. I'm guessing it is not strong enough to work properly on forced induction applications which develop higher combustion chamber pressures.

  • Joshua Tunks - Quieted my pump

    I have an Outback 301BQ and I was having a terrible time with the pump and it's noise. Took a look at the instructions for the pump on line and they specified having a soft hose between the plumbing and the pump, Outback had it installed hard plumbing directly to the pump. So I ordered this kit and in about 15min was all done and the pump was notably more quiet.

  • Retired NASA Spacecraft - The only problem we have had is that the trimmer ...

    The only problem we have had is that the trimmer doesn't trim very close to a border as the shield extends about one and on/half inch beyond the cord cutoff blade. To get closer, you have to run the trimmer with the wheels at an angle to the direction of travel which makes use difficult.

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