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Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance - The website of the Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance, a coalition of Pennsylvania healh care providers and insurers.

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  • Book Lovin' Momma - Liam and Elle, loved them!

    Different twist here, where the stepdad actually wants the H to get the girl! Liam also he knows he wants Elizabeth (Elle) even though he doesn't feel he deserves her, and even though he knows way more about her than she does about him. When Elizabeth's stepdad Richard dies and the will is read, everyone is shocked, and here's where things get interesting. They go through a lot of heartache and drama before things take a turn for the better. In between there are some humorous moments, angsty ones, and definitely some off the charts hot moments too. Loved the ending and their path to get there. And Liam - I'd love to be there to help him see his true worth!!!

  • Gabriel - Very Convenient and Useful. Potential Money Saver Depending on User.

    Ironically, this product with the word "soda" in the name has dramatically reduced the amount of soda consumed in my household. The fact that it carbonates water, to which you add your own flavor, has allowed us to come up with lots of alternatives to soda. I'm mostly drinking carbonated water with fresh fruit or herbs (mint, lemon, cucumber, strawberries, etc.). I have some soda syrup on hand when I want a soda but with this product I can now pick and choose the times I want a soda by making my drinks on demand. For this lifestyle change alone I love this product.

  • Amazon Customer - AC adapter and cord were bad

    Purchased the Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 with a 3rd party 2yr warranty. Used it twice with no problem. Seem to work fine. On the 3rd attempt, a little over a month later, it would not boot up. I contacted the Lenovo support line and they determined that the AC adapter and cord were bad and would ship new ones to me within 45 business days. I asked if I could use a different AC cord and adapter and they recommended not to. After waiting 2 weeks, I went online and couldn't find my case number for status. I contacted support where they initially couldn't find it either, but then found that the case was closed out. The support person then informed me that the AC cord and adapter (that are part of the ideacentre that I purchased) are not covered. How can you charge for an item and not support it? Fortunately, I was able to get store credit from the store and purchased a different product.

  • Lenochka - YES! YES! YES!

    First we sow this kind of chair at our friends. Other brand, same idea. This was perfect solution for us, since we spend a lot of time in our kitchen/dining area.

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