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Kegel Exercises & Products To Improve Pelvic Health | PourMoi - PourMoi offers kegel exercises & products, tools, and devices to improve pelvic health. Learn more about Pour Moi's dedication to women's health & wellness.

  • http://www.pourmoi.com/intensity-female-stimulation-device/ Apex-ApexM-Intensity-pelvic-floor-health – devices - Intensity by Pour Moi is a leading female stimulation device and vibrator for women. Learn more about how Intensity can help.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/vaginal-tightening/ Vaginal tightening products for strong pelvic floor muscles - Intensity: an Award-Winning Vaginal Tightening Product scientifically-designed to provide incredible orgasms while tightening pelvic floor muscles (Kegels).
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/inflation/ Patented inflation ensures comfortable fit and maximum muscle building - Intensity is an AVN Award-Winning Inflatable Sex Toy! Designed for incredible orgasms, Intensity tightens and tones your Kegel Muscles. Purposeful pleasure.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/medical-grade-sex-toy/ Safe Medical grade pelvic floor health devices - Intensity is a medical grade sex toy made with medical grade silicone and stainless steel components. Intensity is manufactured in the USA.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/made-in-the-us-vibrator/ Made in the USA for women by women - Intensity is an award-winning made in the US vibrator and a whole lot more. This device combines a G-spot and clitoral vibrator with estim and inflation!
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/the-science-of-intensity/ The science behind pour moi products - Intensity by Pour Moi is a leading female stimulation device and vibrator for women. Learn more about the science behind the product.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/pleasure-with-a-purpose/ Kegels with a kick - Intensity by Pour Moi is an automatic Kegel Exerciser designed to tighten pelvic floor muscles while providing incredible orgasms.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/in-the-news/ Pour Moi in the News | Female Intimate Health Device Blog - Pour Moi in the News. Mademoiselle calls Intensity "the Orgasm Game-Changer". Want to know what Women's Health Magazine has to say? Reviews in the press.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/contact-us/ Contact Pour Moi - Email, Click or Call Today | Pour Moi - PourMoi offers kegel exercise products, tools, and devices to improve your pelvic health. Learn more about PourMoi's dedication to women's health and wellness.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/about-us/ Kegel Exercisers & Stimulation Products For Women | Pour Moi - Pour Moi's selection of kegel exercise products, tools, and devices to improve pelvic health go unmatched. Learn more about Pour Moi today.
  • http://www.pourmoi.com/intensity-questions/ Product Questions - Pour Moi - Do you have questions regarding Intensity? Use this form to ask them! Thanks for your interest in Intensity - the World's finest Female Intimate Health device.

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  • Alejandro Gonzalez - Waste of money

    My wife stopped using it, a lot of issues, even with the maintenance, it started to have many flaws, and when you think it's fixed then other problem shows up. Waste of money!

  • Niki187nj - I like it, but....

    Okay... hear what I am saying... YES ... this product works. If you follow the directions, you WILL feel better and it does exactly what it says, it cleanses your body. I do however have to say a few things. 1) Unless you put fruit in it, the shakes are vile. 2) Taking all the supplements each day is a pain, and putting them into the shake is NOT a good alternative. I did it, and it made something that already had a not so great taste even worse. I have lost some weight, although that was not why I was doing this. It is a cleanse and the weight loss is a bonus. I do think that the taste of the shakes leaves MUCH to be desired and it can be daunting to stay on something like this even for as little as 21 days if the taste is not palatable. Just my opinion.

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