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Precision Brain, Spine and Pain Centre - Precision Brain, Spine & Pain Centre is a unique medical practice that integrates the latest medical advances with a compassionate approach to whole of person health care.

  • http://www.precisionneurosurgery.com.au/getting-care Getting Care - Your health and well-being deserves the best clinically-proven treatment options, and our specialists will work with each other to put together a strategy which may include multiple well-co-ordinated elements.
  • http://www.precisionneurosurgery.com.au/services/neurosurgery-and-spinal-surgery-services Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery Services - At Precision Brain, Spine and Pain Centre, we have assembled a leading group of neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons, each with specific and complimentary areas of expertise.
  • http://www.precisionneurosurgery.com.au/services/pain-management Pain Management | Pain Management Clinic | Pain Management Specialist - Precision Health is a unique and super-specialised medical pain management clinic with a focus on the treatment of spinal problems and other pain-causing conditions.

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    City: 145.2954 Victoria, Australia

  • Allister Chang - It's works but it's got some annoyances

    Bought this because I had a dual SIM phone in Asia, but my phone in Asia (HTC Desire V) did not support the 3G frequencies for the Americas. The phone is great for a phone with some smartphone capabilities, but as a smartphone, it has some annoyances.

  • Flash Bandicoot - No support for new OS, but have lots of excuses

    My wife bought one of these about two years ago. During that time there has been essentially one revision of Windows, going from 7 to 8/8.1. Do you think maybe it would work on 8.1? No, it won't even load, and according to the FAQ on their website, because Windows 8 postdates the product, they won't support it and essentially say that you are out of luck, or that you can pay us a bunch of money to upgrade. If the pattern holds, it won't run on Windows 10 later this year since that post dates their current version. Look for that excuse on their FAQ later this year. No other vendor behaves this way. There are other products to buy.

  • Rachel - great game

    My kids really like this game. When I was young, we played with the actually lego pieces and now kids have lego video games and lego cartoons to watch.

  • Cruz - We love it!

    "It is very lightweight and, after you read the instruction manual (you can download one from Samsung's site if you want to read it before purchase), you will find the controls to be straightforward. The light weight has an advantage, at least for me, of allowing me to hold the camcorder very steadily during an extended shooting period. I have not had to activate the image stabilization circuit thus far and one of my individual videos was 20 minutes in length! There is only minimal, hardly noticeable, unsteadiness. My wife has been pleased with our videos so far and, take my word for it, she is a severe critic!

  • zhmyx - It is a nice protector for my phone

    It is a nice protector for my phone. Far Better that my last one. Easy to apply. As it was advertised, a bit smaller than the actual screen but to me, it doesn't affect to much. Any way, it is a high performance to cost ratio product.

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