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The Public Relations Global Network | PRGN - Public Relations Global Network: The World’s Local Agency. PRGN features an exclusive list of almost 50 international hand-picked PR firms.

  • http://www.prgn.com/about/ About | PRGN - Working with PRGN offers big-agency capabilities and reach with the personal service and attention to details of a small agency.
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/asia/china/lbs-communications-consulting/ LBS Communications Consulting Ltd | PRGN - LBS Communications Consulting Limited is a professional financial communications and investors relations consulting company in Hong Kong.
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/north-america/new-york/the-equity-group/ The Equity Group | PRGN - Founded in 1974, The Equity Group helped launch the practice of investor relations. Now in our fifth decade as an independent investor relations firm, our focus continues to be developing and implementing comprehensive investor communication and outreach programs for high quality micro, small and mid-cap companies, with an emphasis on long-term client programs and partnerships.
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/asia/india/perfect-relations-pvt-ltd/ Perfect Relations Pvt. Ltd. | PRGN - Perfect Relations has been in the forefront of the public relations and public affairs arena in the South Asian markets for almost two decades.
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/asia/japan/integrate-communications-co-ltd/ Integrate Communications Co., Ltd. | PRGN - Integrate Communications established in 1996 in Tokyo. Our mission never changes since then. We support to integrate brands (clients) and consumer or Japan and other countries offering special expertise of marketing communication.
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/asia/singapore/mileage-communications-pte-ltd/ Mileage Communications Pte Ltd | PRGN - The Mileage Group is Asia’s largest home-grown public relations consultancy. It has offices in 8 countries and 13 cities – Singapore (HQ), China (Shanghai), India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai), Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Myanmar (Yangon), Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City).
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/australia/currie-communications-pty-ltd/ Currie Communications Pty Ltd | PRGN - Currie Communications is an independent-thinking consultancy which thrives on work that connects public relations with people, profit and the planet.
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/europe/brussels-eu/athenora-consulting/ Athenora Consulting | PRGN - Athenora Consulting is a leading independent European public affairs firm based in Brussels. We bring a unique expertise in EU affairs to the Public Relations Global Network.
  • http://www.prgn.com/members/europe/france/we-agency/ WE agency | PRGN - Founded in 1962, WE agency provides an experienced team of 25 professionals sharing a passion for relationship management.

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    City: 6.1833 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Amazon Customer - Sounds great. Hurt after only an hour in my small ears.

    Update: I contacted Taotronics customer service, based on their reply to my original review below. They offered to send me a different set for free. Impressed with their customer service, I accepted. Unfortunately that pair (TT-BH07U), while more comfortable and having the bass this pair is missing, had overall poor sound quality. I thanked them and told them I would update my review to reflect how wonderful their customer service is. They thanked me and I thought we were done. Then yesterday the rep emailed me again, to ask me to delete this review completely! The review is honest and I have no intention of deleting it just because they sent me a free set of earphones. So watch out for that tactic from them.

  • Known - Great Product

    I purchased this product from Walgreens a few years ago. And now I ordered it here. Would suggest this for anyone who has extremely thick toe nails. It starts to soften them in 5 days and within three weeks they are very soft.

  • Joshua Alexander - High Quality and Long Lasting Shaving Cream

    This is a great product which I started using a few years ago along with a shaving brush and I haven't used anything else since. I like the lavender fragrance which is pleasant but not strong. The product is also a good value, regularly lasting 6 months with daily shaving. The soapy foam created with this shaving cream is very gentle and when paired with a multi-blade razor I get a very close shave with little irritation. I have also used all the fragrances, with this being my preferred.

  • Amazon Customer - An awesome book for awesome destination!

    Bought many guides for my 1st trip to Iceland in October and find lonely planet really the No1 in all aspect.

  • Lady Lilith - Great Supplement for Kids

    Unfortunately many of the kids I work with have medical issues. While some of my kids do not consume nearly enough calories each day, some are not allowed to eat orally. A large portion of the kids I work with are on PediaSure.

  • tooteetat - Very good deal price-wise with autoship

    I ordered the "kit" from her website that includes the day cream, facial pads, hydrating serum and night cream. Very good deal price-wise with autoship, and I had high hopes since the ingredients look wonderful. But after using the products faithfully for about 6 weeks, I wasn't seeing any positive changes to my skin. In fact, I felt my skin was looking duller. Very disappointed! I especially didn't like the day cream as it is very thick and rubs off on phone, clothes, etc. I also didn't like the tinting. It seemed to get into my facial lines and make them look more prominent. Then I experienced a glitch with cancelling the autoship. My first attempt was never processed and I was shipped a new 90-day supply and my credit card was charged. I called back and they apologized and cancelled this time, sent me a prepaid return label for the new shipment, and said the charge would be refunded to my credit card. Great! In spite of the inconvenience of having to drive to the UPS store! But today I noticed the refund came through, minus about $9, which I assume means they are charging me shipping for the order they should never have sent me in the first place due to their error. I'm almost too frustrated at this point to even call to argue.

  • Wildcatash - My holy grail tea!!

    I was so excited when I saw this tea in bulk online. It's so much for just one box at my local store I had to take this deal and buy online. I love this tea so much. Every time I feel myself getting sick or some kind of upper respiratory problem going on I brew up a cup of this and immediately start sipping. I swear it works after the first one if I catch the cold in time. I'm usually the type of person where hardly anything works for me when I do get sick so I'm glad I found this product. I usually just add a bit of honey in for my throat and it's the best. Even when I'm not sick I like to have at least a cup a day or every other day for my allergies (which are completely terrible this time of year). The shipment came quick and was packaged nicely, considering its just a couple of boxes of tea, but still. Don't hesitate to try this if you are looking for a new tea to try for your immune system.

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