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  • CB626 - Awesome Mop

    I was searching for a new mop, and it was between this one and the Swiffer Wet Jet. I ended up buying this one because it was on sale at my grocery store. I LOVE this mop! The mop head is easy to replace, the red strips are anti-bacterial. I used Mrs. Meyers to mop my hardwoods, but I think you can just use hot water to clean since the strips have anti-bacterial solution in them. You can actually see the soap on the floors, yet it doesn't douse your floors completely in water either. The mechanism to wring out the water is nice also and better than other mops. Once I finished mopping, I washed the mop head in my washer (the directions suggest warm soapy water). It came out clean, and I let it air dry on top of the dryer. Awesome - no more dirty mops! Overall, I will probably still get the Swiffer Wet Jet just for spot cleaning to make my life easy, but the Libman Wonder Mop is great for a deep cleaning! I love it!

  • Yolette - Love it, at the beginning my hair does not ...

    Love it, at the beginning my hair does not feels soft, but then after the conditioner wow!!! Soo perfect. Not true if it helps to grow but smells delicious.

  • Robert - Picks up dust and hair rather than pushing it around

    I like the duster because it doesn't push dust and hair around. It picks it up. However, it has trouble picking up larger chunks of dirt. I hate normal sweeping because it pushes so much around and it's hard to pick up all the dust and hair. So what do you do? Both. I find this works ok alone, but does a nice job as a final clean up after I have swept if there are larger pieces of dirt to sweep up. The mop is a nice bonus for a quick cleanup, but won't replace your normal mop. Why do I say all this? I think it's a great supplemental piece of cleaning equipment, but it won't fully replace a mop or a broom.

  • Linda Donahue - They Work!

    I've been taking these vitamins for over a year, after experiencing some thinning on the top of my scalp (after overuse of a flat iron). Definitely made a difference...something my stylist keeps raving about.

  • G.W. - memory hog product

    What a memory hog. I have to turn off live monitoring to have the computer responsive. I guess McAfee has decided that they will presume you have a top of the line computer and otherwise their program just won't work well

  • Jessica M. - They were easy to follow and easy to read/understand

    -Content-Covered quite a bit that would need to be known for a GRE test taker. It had a lot of information in it.

  • Mike Honcho - I was happy with my decision

    Some may say a seventeen year old shouldn't poop their pants. Some may say a seventeen year old shouldn't poop their pants twice in the same day. Some may say you should buy Sugar Free gummy bears.

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