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ProVation Medical | Clinical Decision Support | Procedure Documentation - A unique health information technology company that is committed to developing, capturing, disseminating and integrating high-quality medical content.

  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-md/ ProVation MD | ProVation Medical | Clinical Procedure Documentation | Coding Solutions - ProVation MD is the only procedure documentation and coding system that improves medical records and enhances communication, care coordination and patient satisfaction.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/multicaregiver/ MultiCaregiver | ProVation MD | Perioperative Care Documentation | ProVation Medical - Designed specifically for nursing documentation workflows, ProVation® MultiCaregiver provides the foundation needed to guide nurses efficiently through the documentation process
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-order-sets/ ProVation Order Sets powered by UpToDate Decision Support | ProVation Medical - ProVation Order Sets improves patient outcomes and quality of care by providing evidence-based order set templates co-developed with the authors from UpToDate.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-care-plans/ ProVation Care Plans powered by Lippincott Solutions | ProVation Medical - ProVation Care Plans delivers evidence-based interdisciplinary care plan templates derived from the trusted content of Lippincott Solutions. The solution improves patient outcomes and quality of care while delivering a strong return on investment.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/wolters-kluwer-health-clinical-solutions/about-us About Us | ProVation Medical | ProVation MD | ProVation Order Sets | ProVation Care Plans - Wolters Kluwer's Clinical Solutions business unit delivers clinical decision support disease information, drug information, patient surveillance, disease management, clinical terminology management and intuitive documentation and coding solutions to the global point of care market.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/news-events News & Events | ProVation Medical - View our press releases, trade show participation and other news. Check out upcoming and past webinars on current medical topics.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/contact-us Contact Us | ProVation Medical | Clinical Decision Support - Contact Us for more information on ProVation MD, ProVation MultiCaregiver, ProVation Order Sets and ProVation Care Plans
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/support ProVation Medical | Support | ProVation MD | ProVation Order Sets| ProVation Care Plans - ProVation Medical offers US and International support for our ProVation MD, ProVation MultiCaregiver, ProVation Order Sets and ProVation Care Plans software.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-md/healthcare-initiatives/quality-reporting/ Quality Registry | ProVation MD | ProVation Medical - Effectively and efficiently submit to quality registries by using ProVation MD, the leading procedure documentation system.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-order-sets/healthcare-initiatives/ehr-meaningful-use/ ProVation Order Sets | Meaningful Use | ProVation Medical - ProVation Order Sets supports clinician adoption of CPOE and the elevated use of decision support tools needed to position healthcare organizations for the future of MU
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-md/healthcare-initiatives/icd-10/ ICD-10 | ProVation MD | ICD-10 Ready | ICD-10 Physician Impact | ProVation Medical - ProVation MD has long provided physicians with intuitive procedure documentation that meets the specificity requirements of ICD-9. Now it does the same for ICD-10.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-order-sets/healthcare-initiatives/value-based-purchasing/ ProVation Order Sets | Value-Based Purchasing | ProVation Medical - ProVation Order Sets helps hospitals achieve value-based purchasing goals by providing UpToDate decision support at the point of care
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/provation-md/healthcare-initiatives/rac-audit/ RAC Audit | ProVation MD Automated Procedure Documentation Coding | ProVation Medical - RAC Audits Present a Number of Key Challenges for Hospitals, Physician Practices and Other Healthcare Providers. See how ProVation MD mitigates the impact of RAC by automating procedure documentation and coding.
  • https://www.provationmedical.com/testimonials/ Customer Testimonials | ProVation Medical - Hear what our customers say about ProVation MD, ProVation Order Sets, and ProVation Care Plans.

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