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Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment | PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) - PROVENGE—an advanced prostate cancer treatment that works differently from hormone therapy or chemotherapy. Read more at Provenge.com

  • http://www.provenge.com/advanced-prostate-cancer-immunotherapy.aspx Advanced Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy | PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) - Read about PROVENGE, an FDA-approved advanced prostate cancer immunotherapy that could be considered by some as a prostate cancer treatment vaccine.
  • http://www.provenge.com/treatment-and-me.aspx Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment | Provenge - Read about PROVENGE as a treatment for men with asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic metastatic castrate resistant (hormone refractory) prostate cancer at www.provenge.com.
  • http://www.provenge.com/getting-started.aspx Starting PROVENGE | Starting Prostate Cancer Treatment - Find information about getting started with PROVENGE (sipuleucel-t), a treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Visit Provenge.com for more.
  • http://www.provenge.com/how-provenge-works.aspx PROVENGE Immunotherapy and Targeted Immune Response | PROVENGE - Find out how PROVENGE therapy for advanced prostate cancer works as an immunotherapy to activate a targeted immune response to prostate cancer. Visit Provenge.com
  • http://www.provenge.com/prostate-cancer.aspx Metastatic Prostate Cancer | PROVENGE Immunotherapy - Learn about PROVENGE therapy, prostate cancer, and its advanced forms also called metastatic prostate cancer. Visit Provenge.com
  • http://www.provenge.com/reimbursement.aspx Cost of PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) | Insurance Coverage Information - Find information on access, reimbursement, and insurance options for PROVENGE cancer immunotherapy.
  • http://www.provenge.com/overview-of-treatment.aspx Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Overview | PSA Levels - Find more information about the cell collections that are part of the PROVENGE treatment process and how PROVENGE therapy affects PSA levels at provenge.com
  • http://www.provenge.com/resources-for-caregivers.aspx Advanced Prostate Cancer Support| Information for Caregivers | PROVENGE - Caregivers, find information about how to care for someone with advanced prostate cancer. Visit Provenge.com
  • http://www.provenge.com/contact-us.aspx PROVENGE Contact Us | Provenge.com - Information on how to contact Dendreon for questions about PROVENGE at www.provenge.com

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  • Toology - No more oil leak

    I had a leak from my timing case on my 2001 bmw e39 540i, about 2 drops per day. My mechanic said to keep an eye on it since it's expensive to fix. So I went searching on amazon and found this, then did more research on google and thought I would give it a shot for around $7 for a treatment of 6 quarts. My car has 10 quarts of oil so I used 2 bottles. The leak was the same for bit but it says to drive 500 miles, and I only drive 25 miles per day round trip 5 days a week so this was going to take a while, after a month I didn't see much change, so I got my normal oil change and dumped in 2 more bottles, but this time had to take an hour drive, I noticed if I drive longer during the day, there were no drops in my garage in the morning (where I would put a fresh paper plate everyday to track the oil). So now it's down to the point where there is a drop every few days, hopefully it continues to work and stops completely. I think the key to using this is try to knock out at least a few hours of driving in one shot instead of short trips where the engine warms up then cools down quickly. My guess is when you engine is at operating temperature, this stuff goes into action, so the longer you can keep the engine running, the better.

  • Ellya - I got a free cat in the box with this ...

    I got a free cat in the box with this purchase but I'm not sure if I should open it to see if the cat is ok.

  • Heather - Great!

    It only took about 10 minutes of easy installation (and that's only because I can't quite reach my roof). All you have to do to assemble is pop the existing caps covering the screw holes off of the edge rails and screw the crossbars on. Super easy, I can't wait to haul stuff on my roof.

  • Brandon - Nose gadget

    This nose cleaner gadget is a life saver!! As first time parents we were skeptical of course, and I'm sure everyone's child is different. But our daughter right from birth has always enjoyed this tool. It's quick, painless and gets the job done!

  • jenbenn - It's a relationship

    Owning a Le Creuset pot is akin to having a relationship. It gets better over time. This is an item you will treasure, clean lovingly, appreciate and use with pleasure. I have several brands of cast iron and Le Creuset is by far the best in terms of quality, and the design is exquisite. Nothing beats cast iron, and for cooking casserole-type dishes with tomato or other acid foods, the enamel coating is wonderful.

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