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Főoldal - Puskás Étterem és Kerthelyiség Fertőrákoson | Grill különlegességek, látványkonyha, hangulatos termek, nyitott sörkert, bicikli kölcsönzés - Puskás Étterem és Kerthelyiség Fertőrákoson | Grill különlegességek, látványkonyha, hangulatos termek, nyitott sörkert, bicikli kölcsönzés

Country:, Europe, HU

City: 19.0766 Budapest, Hungary

  • Choppy - Fun, as challenging as you prefer

    Initially, I started on the first board with simple puzzles. I quickly realized that solving the boards is like eating popcorn (or candy corn). This is a game I can lose myself in, but I'm not totally sure that's a good thing - I do have things I need to do! I did start playing the daily puzzle, and have been able to successfully solve all those puzzles so far. So when I make it through the daily puzzles, I put the game down. If I meet my other goals I get to play more. So in case you haven't already guessed: I'm really enjoying this game and the lovely instant gratification of the check mark or star - and I do appreciate the star.

  • S. Davies - It works but at a hefty $PRICE$

    I friend told me to try Australian Dream. I admit, it does work but why shouldn't it? It contains 0.025% of Histamine Dihydrochloride, HDHC, a topical analgesic. When I went shopping to buy a tub, I about had a heart attack. $28 for a 4 oz. jar!!!!

  • J Walker B - Nothng New.

    Roxio has repackaged a set of existing products under a new name with very little new to offer. If you already have and like Roxio, the NXT Pro package has some interesting extras that are worth a look.

  • alascar - It's great. And yes the auto tuner works as advertised

    It's great. And yes the auto tuner works as advertised. Hated the beige pup rings and poker chip. I swapped em with black...MUCH better. P:lays awesome. Every bit a USA Gibby

  • E. Estern - Excellent All Around Pedal

    I've been riding with Speedplay pedals for years. Once you get used to the "float," which is the sensation of being able to rotate your feet smoothly to the left or right while being securely locked into the pedal, nothing else will feel as good and anatomically right for the knees and hips. The Frogs are described as a MTB pedal, but I use them on my wide tired, go everywhere, 650B machine. The Frogs feel as secure as Speedplay's road pedals, but the release is easier--more positive and more intuitive, so if you have to snap a foot down or jump off the bike in a hurry (or take a spill) it's no problem. I also really like that they are SPD compatible, meaning that I can wear cycling shoes (or sandals) that can also be used for normal walking. Another big plus to me is that they are incredibly light weight, a fraction of the weight of a standard platform pedal. All Speedplay pedals are beautifully manufactured and engineered--the X-pedals I bought more than 20 years ago are still functionally like new, I don't know how many thousands of miles I've put on them. They all do need regular maintenance, though. Every couple of thousand miles (sooner if you get them wet and muddy a lot) they need a grease injection and a wipe down with Boshield or similar dry lube. Go too long with out the maintenance and you'll be needing to replace a bearing or two. The bearings are readily available and relatively inexpensive, but it's much easier to inject a shot of grease into them every couple of months--takes about 30 seconds per pedal and can be done on the bike with their costly grease gun or, as I prefer, with a $2 baby medicine syringe form the local pharmacy. I almost gave them 4 stars, due to the required maintenance, but really it's no big deal. If you are a dedicated competitive rider and don't mind not being able to walk more than 5 or 10 steps in your cycling shoes then you might appreciate the slight advantages of the X pedal system, but for everyone else, these are just fantastic.

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