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Quebec Orgone - Leading manufacturer orgonite devices, orgone pyramids and orgone devices. In business since 2003.

  • http://www.quebecorgone.com/orgone-generators Orgone generators - An HHG is a powerful orgonite devise that convert deadly energy into positive life giving one.
  • http://www.quebecorgone.com/en/orgone-generators/orgonite-hhg/orgone-pyramid-hhg Orgone Pyramid HHG (original) - This great looking orgone pyramid is by far our largest, and most powerful unit.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -73.9496 New York, United States

  • tammy schweizer - Absolutely love these. They have a great taste with no ...

    Absolutely love these. They have a great taste with no after taste. I would like to purchase more if I'm able to find out where I can. I feel like my hair is getting healthier but that doesn't happen over night. I have energy again yea. 😍😍😍 this item was free in return for an honest fair review. Love them !!!!!!

  • Samuel James Serrano - SimCity 5 broke my heart.

    I grew up on the original SimCity, graduated to 2000, and dabbled in 3000 and Rush Hour for 4. I played A-Train, SimFarm, SimEarth, and ones I can hardly remember the name of. I was and am THE target audience for complex simulation games and SimCity 5 was a total, unfettered let down. I won't reiterate all the flaws as the internet is absolute littered with them, but I will point out the damning ones that convinced me to one-star this versus two-star it:

  • P. Joseph Williams - incorrect aphorisms

    This version "...a new translation" contains aphorisms that are at best misleading and at worst the wrong moral lesson. Not what I remember their purpose. For example "The Lion and the Wild Ass" tells of their partnership in capturing prey but when time came to divide it, the Lion takes it all. The aphorism then says, "Might makes right." Might can be misused for greed and disreputable contract but not to make it right! Additionally there are no pictures with Kindle versions.

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