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  • Constant Reader - Faded my Age Spots

    I got this not expecting it to remove age spots, so I was very pleased as the spots I was starting to see along my temples started lightning up. I was happy with the results and it was pleasant in the scent. The other formulas I've tried smelled pretty bad, so it was a nice surprise that this one smelled nice. If you are looking for an easy way to lighten up skin discolorations and age spots, I'd recommend SkinBright :)

  • Herbert L. Anderson - casino games

    This one seems as good as any I have found and so far I have found no errors in it like there were in the previous version.

  • annette - Working great so far

    We've had this product for just over a month. I am using it on my toddler, who still has sparse spots that never quite grew in. We're working on growing her hair out in time for kdg. My husband and I have noticed a difference since we started using this product. I rub it directly onto her scalp and hair, every day. The downfall to this product is it's SUPER greasy!!! Moreso than anything I've ever used! Sometimes I'll use baby don't be bald on her scalp, and a different moisturizer actual hair to get the curls conditioned, because the bdbb is so overly greasy. If I use it before bedtime, I usually put a towel on her pillow to protect her pillowcase. Anyway, it could be our imagination, but it totally seems like this is working so far. Her hair looks thicker and fuller. We'll continue to use and I will update my review with future results, but so far, so good.


    Avoid LeapFrog products at all cost. You think you save money or time, but they have the worst customer service in the world. I am writing this review after spending nearly 2 hours with customer service, with them unable to explain why the $5 app I purchased was not syncing to my device. However, they refused to refund me $5 even though I never got the app and they wasted hours of my time. They say they have an absolute no refund policy NO MATTER WHAT. Tells you what kind of company you are dealing with. Also, FYI, my son loves to draw, by they have virtually no art apps. Like half a dozen, most of which involve tracing letters or shapes, and are totally redundant. And they all cost like $20. So whatever you think you save on the purchase of this cheap kids tablet, you will spend on apps since they start at $10 and go past $20. You may as well spend $100-$200 more for an iPad or Android tablet where you can get literally dozens or hundreds of art apps, learning apps, ,etc, many for free, and others for a buck or two, and much higher quality, This thing is both a time and money pit, and the company lacks decency or scruples and should be avoided like the plague.

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