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Quit4Good - Quit Smoking Tips: The Free Quit Smoking Guide - Bellow is a step by step guide for you to stop smoking without falling victim to relapse and weight gain.

  • http://www.quit4good.com/quiting_smoking.html AFTER YOU QUIT SMOKING... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Within 12 hours after you have your last cigarette, your body will begin to heal itself. The levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in your system will decline rapidly.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/facts.html EFFECTS OF SMOKING - PICTURES... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Overwhelming medical and scientific research concludes that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other serious diseases in smokers.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/common-triggers.html COMMON TRIGGERS... People, Places, Events and Stress. Free Quit Smoking Guide - People: when you are with other smokers you are more likely to light up. Also, certain people may put you under stress, encouraging you to reach for a cigarette
  • http://www.quit4good.com/smoking_pregnancy.html SMOKING DURING PREGNANCY... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Smoking during pregnancy can cause serious health problems to an unborn child. Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to premature labor, breathing problems and fatal illness among infants.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/nicotine-addiction.html NICOTINE ADDICTION... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Nicotine is highly addictive. Most smokers use tobacco regularly because they are addicted to nicotine. Addiction is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, even in the face of negative health consequences, and tobacco use certainly fits the description.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/whatto-expect.html WHAT TO EXPECT... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Have realistic expectations - quitting is not easy, but it is not impossible. More than 3 million Americans quit every year.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/differentways-toquit.html DIFFERENT WAYS TO QUIT... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Switch brands. Switch to a brand that is not as enjoyable as your regular brand. Look at this list several times a day - especially when you're hit with an urge to smoke.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/completely-quitting.html BEFORE COMPLETELY QUITTING... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Practice going without cigarettes. Do NOT think of NEVER smoking again. Think of quitting in terms of 1 day at a time.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/after-quitting.html IMMEDIATELY AFTER QUITTING... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Develop a clean, fresh, nonsmoking environment around yourself - at work and at home.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/gaining-weight.html ABOUT GAINING WEIGHT... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Many people who are considering quitting are very concerned about gaining weight.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/withdrawal-symptoms.html WHAT TO EXPECT... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Dry mouth; sore throat, Sip ice-cold water or fruit juice, or gums, or tongue chew gum.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/quitting4good.html QUITTING FOR GOOD... Free Quit Smoking Guide - By reading this section of the booklet carefully and reviewing it often, you'll become more aware of the places and situations that prompt the desire for a cigarette.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/dampen-theurge.html DAMPEN THE URGE... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Think about why you quit - Go back to your list of reasons for quitting. Look at this list several times a day - especially when you're hit with an urge to smoke.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/fun-rewards.html FUN REWARDS... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Examples of fun rewards include: Buying a new record or treating yourself to a movie or concert...
  • http://www.quit4good.com/relapse.html RELAPSE, IF YOU SMOKE AGAIN... Free Quit Smoking Guide - If you do smoke again - and many successful ex-smokers relapse at least once before they quit for good - here is what to do.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/rationalizations.html COMMON RATIONALIZATIONS ... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Smoking makes me more effective in my work. Trouble concentrating can be a short-term symptom of quitting, but smoking actually deprives your brain of oxygen.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/acupuncture.html Acupuncture: Free Quit Smoking Guide - Acupuncture, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, is often discussed as a highly effective aid in the control of smoking and other addictions.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/quit_smoking_products.html QUIT SMOKING LINKS... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Below are some very well known websites that have been hand picked by us. They are sites we feel are helpful and important to visitors of this site.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/further-information.html FOR FURTHER INFORMATION... Free Quit Smoking Guide - The following organizations also can help you. Contact them to learn more about quitting for good.
  • http://www.quit4good.com/marijuana-by-PeterKaradsheh.html Marijuana: Friend or Foe... Free Quit Smoking Guide - Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to the individual than the use of the drug itself said President Jimmy Carter in a message to Congress in 1977.

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  • G. D. Cremer - Great looking antenna, but not good at pulling in weak signals

    Bought this to replace my stock (long) antenna, which always makes me wince when I take Tonka through my local car wash. This one is definitely better in that respect - just a few inches long versus several feet. However, I live in an area where the terrain interferes with radio signals, so that most of our stations are pretty weak. Reception was fine with my original antenna, but the Stubby Antenna had too much static to work for me up here. So....back to the stock antenna for now. If you live in an area with good radio signal strength, this would be a worthy upgrade. It's well made and well-finished.

  • Bill - Theater of the Absurd

    Anybody who runs Quickbooks knows that they are always attempting to get people to upgrade, every single year, for tiny benefits most of us will never use. I was running 2007 and the payroll service (which is a separate annual charge), and my business was forced to purchase the 2010 version to keep the payroll. I bought the disk against my will. Absolutely nothing in 2008 through 2010 inclusive seems at all useful to the accounting end of my business.

  • Amazon Customer - So far so good. Used it outside

    So far so good. Used it outside. We live near a lake and spiders are very prevalent here. Will try inside.

  • R. Guillen - Kept my UTIs from coming back

    Earlier this year, I was getting recurrent UTIs. Each time I would finish a course of antibiotics, things would flare up again two weeks later. I was getting desperate. I ordered these because they are much easier for me than drinking cranberry juice (I don't like anything with a lot of sugar). Two of these each day, and I've been symptom free for four months now. Love it!

  • Sultan_of_Sound - Nice design...but not for all 32" Flatpanels

    Nice design..... solid and secure for a very reasonable price ($60 + $20 s&H). Unfortunately, I won't be able to use it on the TV I bought it for. It says useable on 32" flatpanels, but the bracket will stick out beyond the ends of my Samsung 32" LCD and not look very professional, so I will use it elsewhere on a 47" Samsung LCD. It's heavy, and a good portion of the cost to get it was shipping ($20), so if I return it, I will have spent $40 and have nothing to show for it! Worked out OK for me, but wanted to let others know this before they order.

  • Toya - Cool Shoes...

    These are super cute. Be sure not get them summerged in water. Only thing is if worn all day alot they wear on the lights.

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