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  • http://www.quitmeth.org/what-is-meth-addict/ What is a Meth Addict? How Do They Get Help? | QuitMeth.org - Understanding the signs of a meth addict is the first step to helping them. There are certain withdrawal, and personality traits that relate to meth.
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  • P. Lauber - Not great on small screen

    Love my Kindle Fire for reading books and movies, but the 7" screen is too small for magazines. I tried Pop Science for (4) issues. Articles were hard to read. Frustrating to page through because of the small print. Overall, I think it needs a larger format for viewing.

  • Geovanna Smith - NOT SURE


  • Hguy - Not pleased

    I bought four Range Kleen replacement plug-ins for my range and four Range Kleen drip pans. You'd think they'd fit together perfectly; same company, similar products to go together well.. but all of them didn't. Three of the drip pans fit perfectly with the range plugins but one of them did not. And no matter what tools I used to stretch it this way, hammer it that way it was clearly a different size than the other one (Could of been a problem in production?). Well anyway, 3/5 stars not bad, but had to use one of my old drip pans to replace the new one that didn't fit.

  • Average Married Dad - Has the potential to help many marriages

    This book has the potential to help marriages everywhere that may be lacking in the sizzle. It's basically a self improvement book for men to recognize how and why they are who they are, and recommends improvements to make in themselves with the goal of improving their married sex lives. I can say with first hand experience that his approach and techniques work and have added a quick spark into an already great marriage. I would recommend this book to any couple who is interested in gender roles of married men and those interested in having a healthier relationship and sex life with their spouse.

  • Feetybone - Long-time user, first-time reviewer because the 2014 version STINKS.

    Finally had to upgrade from HCSD 2010, but this was a HUGE mistake! Every time I open this software, I get the prompt to register - which I've done several times now. Also, whenever I try to DO anything, it gives me this message: "The connection to internet might be broken, please restart the application and try again." Again, the internet connection IS FINE, but I tried doing this just in case. Nope. No change. Add to this that their so-called "customer service" is non-existent. Any attempt to do Live Chat resulted in a pop-up window with their hours of operation even though I was WELL within the window. Emails generate an automated response promising a 24 hour turnaround. Four days later - nothing.

  • alex ivanov - Great product

    I purchased this product for my daughter and she loves it. It's a quality product and easy to use and maintain! I would definitely purchase it again.

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