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  • LookoutSF - I've uses the others

    I used Norton for years, and most of the others at some time. Despite this, I would spend hours dealing with viruses and then have to take my computer in to Best Buy to let it stay in the computer hospital overnight. This despite the fact that I don't play games etc. on my computers (though the problems usually occurred after my children visited from college). Ever since installing this program, I have had NO problems. I have had infections, but, if my computer slows down, I scan and the problem is solved. This has been wonderful: no major crashes in 2 years!

  • Stephanie S Blanton - I was so happy and he had the best Halloween ever

    I was scared to purchase this costume because I didn't know if my son would be able to fit it or not. He is a very tall 4 year old and I thought his height would prohibit him from wearing it. To my surprise..........it fit him perfectly! I was so happy and he had the best Halloween ever. Proud momma!☺️

  • Kenneth looper - Good safe seat for little kids.

    Awesome little seat, fits my 4 year old daughter perfectly. Safe, secure, solid. Instructions are a joke, take your time and study the pictures.

  • A. Perry - I use this on my bikini area, legs, ...

    I use this on my bikini area, legs, and underarms after shaving. Yes, it burns for a few minutes, and I don't have particularly sensitive skin in those areas, but I do not find it unbearable. This has helped considerably in preventing in-grown hairs and gently bringing deep in-growns to the surface. It may be helping to remove some PIH from past in-growns as well, but I haven't had it long enough to be certain.

  • D. F. Staker - yummy!

    I drink this tasty tea for adrenal support. I struggle with adrenal fatigue and 2 cups of this tea a day really helps. It is also wonderful iced. The flavor is wonderfully spicy...not like black licorice. The licorice root naturally sweetens the spice flavor.

  • marintravelbuff - Wet & Forget - Rid Yourself of Pesky Moss & Mold!

    We had a very wet winter in Northern California last year and the moss build-up on our front steps was out of control. Moss can make stairs and sidewalks very slippery. So I was determined to correct the situation before someone fell and got hurt.

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