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  • Michael P. McCullough - Great choice for long trip on an airplane

    A fascinating collection of travel writing including a story about "how to" guides for Victorian explorers; tourism under the shadow of terrorism in Timbuktu; a hiker who decides to hike the entire US / Mexico border; and a long essay by an Oregonian who likes to hop freight trains and publishes a 'zine about it. Also - did you know there are tours of the Chernobyl area? Well, there are - sort of a science fiction landscape from the sound of it. Edited by William Vollmann, a transcendent travel writer himself (although he has no pieces in this collection). This was a terrific book for a long airplane trip.

  • Shantay - what a waist

    I purchased this because I woke up in the middle of the night and was brainwashed I am on my 3rd bottle and haven't lost a single pound I was warned not to test this stuff and I gave it a shot anyway what a great commercial do not waist your time or money excercise and diet is our only option whoever thinks this product works its all in there brain trust me

  • Jodi Stopyak - Amazing!

    This is amazing! I've struggled with folliculitis for years. The antibiotics, washes and creams did nothing on my chest cod back. After using this for one week, the redness and bumps are almost gone! It smells like tea tree oil to me and goes on really smooth. It's a bit greasy, but that is something I'm willing to deal with.

  • nursetracy31 - NEED TO ADD JUICE


  • kdemps - I was hoping for better results. I purchased this to fill in some ...

    I was hoping for better results. I purchased this to fill in some gaps in the lawn and for the most part, despite following the instructions to the letter, we still have patches of dirt -- not happy...

  • BEATRIZ L. TRIPPY - soft and overall no fine lines.

    I BELIEVE in these product. I have always had enlarged pores that fill up and get dark. and since the time I started using this product is not an exaggeration...this stuff is beyond anything else I've ever used my pores are smaller, my skin no longer hold dark, is smooth, soft and overall no fine lines. . I guess the only way to demonstrate before/after would be be with pictures, but the only way to get the befores is to let it go back...and there is NO going back. I expect I will use this product for all time.

  • William John - Very light and absorbs fast.

    This serum immediately absorbed into my skin, it did not feel tacky afterward and has no odor. It came in a very nice bottle that appears to be high end. I did notice it made some of the fine lines on my face become not so noticeable. I am 62 years old and have tried many, many serums. This is one of the better ones. Although I did receive this at a discount for an honest review I have nothing to gain by being honest. It did not clog my pores and really is hydrating.

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