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  • K. Song - Great sound quality and built quality even compare to $100+ product

    I have to say I am very happy with this purchase. I was looking for a budget bluetooth earphone for my morning walk, I did not want to dash out $100+ for something that has good chance of getting wet and possibly break. I ordered few other pair price ranging from $30-$100+ hopefully to find the one for me. I search on Amazon and found this one has pretty good review, so I gave it a shot.

  • Pen Name - Better than regular buds

    They work just fine sound is clear and easy to adjust the volume, although they could fit a little tighter around the ears. I have not worn them running yet, so I don't know how the fit will handle the jogging movement, I only tested them inside.

  • Rossxa - rossxa

    IF you are a Quicken user then I would expect that you would like this product very well. I am coming from Microsoft Money Premium, and thus, have found the product not as much to my liking in comparison, but now there is no other option. This version "Rental Property Manager" appears to be Quicken's most comprehensive version having all the features of the other versions (a strange name for the "top of the line" version)." However, I was interested in the most comprehensive version and thus bought the Rental Property Manager at twice the cost of the Microsoft Money Premium that I used prior. To be totally fair, I'm sure this is a fine product, but, for some of us that used the Money product, there is a clear separation, especially, using it as an "investment management" tool along with some other financial tracking features. It seems a bit more "basic" in its presentation, graphic, and financial analysis structure, more like a variation built on Microsoft Excel. I chose not to use the automatic conversion process due to other comments. I am reloading the data manually so as not to create any ongoing issues due to data conversion, Note: I did not use this type of software for electronic banking prior so that was/is not my objective, which, is more of its first line intent. I couldn't get to a live person to resolve initial questions, had to email, then got back a response, then you can set an appointment to talk with a customer service representative on a scheduled event. Like many things in life, sometimes what might be the better product does not win in the world of "marketing and sales" but we must all adjust, use what is available to us, or at some point someone will be driven to create a better product. Quicken as a "name," has certainly produced some very popular programs, and many consumers are very happy with their products. I'd prefer MS Money if I could have it, but I'll readjust and move on since that is the option available currently. It's very much a matter of "transitioning" and that is not always comfortable or preferable when it is not on our timing. Buy some version of Quicken if you need this type of product. If you haven't used any other software in the past then I am confident you will be happy with the product.

  • D. Rucker - Rust will be in your drinks!!! Rust Rust I'm on my third unit and all of them do the same thing after a couple months


  • Tamara C. Valenzuela - thumbs up

    This book was and is very helpful documentig and delivering a successful review. I felt it was also helpful in reviewing what level of performance my fellow employees are delivering.

  • Emily Kooser - Quite a hassle to use but texture of my hair did improve, but no shine

    I heard this was a miracle product, so I went in with high hopes. Though I see noticeable improvement in the texture of my hair (it had been bleached blonde for summer), it is still not shiny. Also, this is very time consuming. It's a solid, and to get it to dissolve into the hair you have to dry it with a dryer for 5 minutes (as per the instructions). I think that is quite a hassle and most people dont have that kind of time. The smell isn't as bothersome as I predicted, but it is strong and it is is hard to wash out, so you have to put on dry hair, dry with a dryer for 5 minutes, leave on for 15-20 to overnight, then wash and condition again. I'd definitely be happier with something easier to use, but I"m happy that my texture is more improved than with other conditioners I've tried. Anyone know of a product that comes through with shine?

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