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  • Jenn - Multi-purpose

    This is similar to what we have used on our horses for years. It will not leave stuff in your hair like other shampoos. It's great for getting everything cleaned out. If you have damaged hair it'll feel rough after using this but your hair will be free of product and ready to accept your conditioner or treatment. It's great for horses and getting all that dirt and sweat out of the mane and tail. We use this prior to using show products or whitening products. My son uses this after he swims to keep his hair from turning green.

  • Cody Taylor - Good for the price

    I ordered one and it burned up the first day, and then the company sent me another one, and this one seems to be holding out ok.

  • JoeTw - Great for Saint Louis Fans

    Lets Go Cards,Lets Go Rams,Lets Go BLUES,Its all good for us in St Louis. Maybe, we will be lucky this year.

  • Gail - All the great tunes in one disc...

    I listen to this CD every day on my way to work. Love the variety, songs and the musicians. Very good buy.

  • Sniggih - Keep your money...

    The LifeCell product goes on nicely BUT, it does not do much for dry skin. I purchased it because of the money-back guarantee, which was a good thing as I returned it after about 4 weeks. For me, it was not worth it as I would have to put another moisturizer on top of it. I do like the guarantee though. Thanks.

  • Eggnog - Bengal Roach Spray, The Best Product To Kill Roaches....Period!

    I have been using this product for decades, and it works as no other pesticide. When Bengal Roach Spray is used, it is truly good bye roaches, and I must say, kills them very quickly!

  • Lisa Caccavella - Fun!

    Just wish they would have made all of the song choices family friendly for younger children. Some definitely are not.

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