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Rougier Pharma - A Canadian Pharmaceutical Company - Rougier offers a range of Canadian-made pharmaceuticals, medicines for allergies, cold & flu, digestive health, and pain management, as well as skin care & first aid products.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -79.3985 Ontario, Canada

  • Jacquelyn J. Caccia - Step right up!

    George and Willie definitely left home at a young age. How is perhaps still debatable. Although she was fighting for her sons, I wondered about Harriet leaving them in an environment where they were viewed as freaks once she had 'refound' them. Did she send them off in the first place and then regret it? Or were they, as whispered legends had it, stolen? The book was fascinating and well written. Set against the mores and practices in place in that time and location, it fills in another puzzle piece for the belief systems we continue to see today. The research is outstanding. It's important to understand that our definitions of race, freak, justice, etc are based on ongoing events, not just those of the distant past.

  • Cher Kay - Good but not great.......for me at least!

    I bought the Gazelle in October 2006 after doing many hours of research. I had my second child in June and desperately wanted to take off 15 pounds of baby weight. Mostly everything I had read was positive so I convinced my husband that the Gazelle was an inexpensive way for me to get back into shape. I decided that I would use it for at least six months before writing a review so that I could give very accurate feedback.

  • Chris Hibbert - Cute little parable

    Vonnegut imagines a little society of people who have been hypnotized into a stasis. It seems to be saying that we're all sleepwalking but not with any clear alternative. If we're lucky, something will come along, recognize our plight and free us.

  • A. Hobbs - Excellent silver polish

    Never dull is the best silver polish I have ever tried. As a caterer I do a lot of silver polishing and this is the easiest and best product I have ever used.

  • NurseSally - Video is clear and very usable. The controls get ...

    Video is clear and very usable. The controls get a little confusing at first, but the learning curve is not steep at all.

  • Karina - Wonderful!

    I have been using Instead cups for almost 15 years. I also use natural sea sponges when I know that I can wash them when they need changing. Instead is perfect for when I am traveling or unable to wash my sponges. I love not using tampons and having a string hanging out! I wear a panty liner on heavy days, just in case. If I use the bathroom frequently while wearing Instead, I don't have a problem with leaking. Blood will come out in the toilet, but that doesn't mean that it needs changing. I follow the manufacturers instructions for changing.

  • Kristine - Works really well!

    I bought this for my boat. In the winter it collects a LOT of condensation and it just soaks the rug walls and the wood boarding in the front and other little areas that do not hold in the heat. I put this in each area, and the rug is so dry, and the wood boards are also completely dry. The moisture is just gone! I bought this large one, plus the small buckets as well, they work the same just some last longer. I totally recommend this product!

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