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  • veronica star - Great for pre workout energy

    Always have used these for a pre workout bump in energy and not so much for weight loss as I don't need to lose weight, unfortunately people think by taking these they will magically loose weight but they don't and get discouraged, yes these can make you jittery or nauseas, and yes you can loose weight when combined With proper nutrition and exercise, nutrition really is key with training and weight loss, and other things combined with that, it's really a science, but I only take one daily never changed the dose, like I said it's not for weight loss but to get me through my work out, it helps tremendously for that,

  • Jacquelyn J. Caccia - Step right up!

    George and Willie definitely left home at a young age. How is perhaps still debatable. Although she was fighting for her sons, I wondered about Harriet leaving them in an environment where they were viewed as freaks once she had 'refound' them. Did she send them off in the first place and then regret it? Or were they, as whispered legends had it, stolen? The book was fascinating and well written. Set against the mores and practices in place in that time and location, it fills in another puzzle piece for the belief systems we continue to see today. The research is outstanding. It's important to understand that our definitions of race, freak, justice, etc are based on ongoing events, not just those of the distant past.

  • Rahul from NYC - Checkbook Registers are hard to find

    My bank would not provide me any checkbook registers to save money and paper. That' s why I had to turn to internet to find them. These ones I ordered are pretty good. The paper quality is very good as it works well with a ball pen. The print is very clear too. I don't use the calenders provided on them as my register has a nice cover to protect it.

  • Amazon Customer - Fabulous Results!

    I have very sensitive skin and this product is wonderful. Previously I resorted to waxing to remove the fine hair on my face and it was so harsh. Read the directions - AGAIN, READ THE DIRECTIONS - and you should have good results. This product is for fine to medium hair. If that is not you, then get another product and don't complain. If you do not read the instructions and leave the cream on too long, do not complain. It is so much better than expected. Cannot praise enough!

  • Angela M Williams - Kaplan GRE Premier 2014

    I love the online course syllabus features with the practice and diagnostic tests, DVD and the capability to sync with Kno for mobile devices (incl. digital flashcards). There are two major downfalls: the online practice and diagnostic tests are not available via the mobile app (like on my iPad) and this book seems to be a teaser to encourage people to learn the true Kaplan strategies through their premium fee based on-line courses. I have been supplementing my studies with Grockit.com for the GRE on You Tube because sometimes reading over 500 pages of text needs a map and a compass to make it through the maze of the multiple levels of standardized test-taking issues. The responsiveness of Kaplan tech support (on-line and via email) and the Kaplan instructors via Facebook should be acknowledged as a nice feature as well. You are granted access to the archive of "blog" test-taking shortcut strategies from the Kaplan instructors which can be incredibly helpful - but this does take some time to search through their library of information. Additional positives - Kaplan's written higher test score guarantee and you can return the course book and DVD to Amazon for a credit when you have completed the exam (because of course this material will be outdated by the time you need to study for the GRE in 2015). DEFINITELY worth it if you are disciplined at self-study, are short on study time and can purchase "new" from a vendor at less than retail price via Amazon.com.

  • michelle kettler - greast smell

    i like this product, but i still think there are betters out there for the same price. the smell is very nice. no skin dyeing in it so you tan very natural.

  • Stacey - so it was very nice to have a surprise when I opened the package

    I am very impressed with this detox tea! I've tried a couple different brands and this is definitely one of my favorites. Firstly I was very excited to see that the tea came with an extremely cute tea infuser! It wasn't expected, so it was very nice to have a surprise when I opened the package. Secondly, the tea actually TASTES GOOD! This is a revelation for a detox tea, in my experience. I am able to drink the tea without any sweetener because it is somewhat sweet on its own. Another good thing about this tea is that it doesn't make me feel like it's ripping apart my stomach, even though it has sienna in it. I wouldn't say that this tea will change your life and make you lose a bunch of weight, but it definitely will make your system feel "clear" and I personally felt more energized each day that I drank it. I really love this tea and would recommend it.

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