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Salix Ventures Official Website - Salix Ventures was founded in 1997 to pursue high growth investment opportunities in health care services companies (including health care information technology). We formed Salix Ventures to assist fellow entrepreneurs in developing the strategies, building the management teams, and obtaining the financial resources necessary to create great companies.

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  • Kindle Customer - Worth reading

    It is refreshing to be able to read a book that is not full of foul language and smut. I would liked more and faster action with a lot less "my prison days in Texas" repetition. The story line is good but not very realistic in places - but 'Hey!' it is fiction not a true story where "only the names were changed to protect the innocent." I think it's worth reading and would recommend it for anyone who's looking for a mystery with clean language, no smut, and less graphic blood, guts, and gore.

  • mrbee - The best way to get a variety of cards!

    I think the deck builder toolkits are the best way to go to get a quick bulk of cards fast and cheap! When you do the math, 4 packs of Magic cards at $3.99 each would cost $15.96 which you get in this kit. I bought this for $17.99 so you're basically paying $2.03 for 100 lands, 120 common/uncommon cards and 5 rares. I bought the 2015 Core Deckbuilder Toolkit and this is what I received:

  • Amazon Customer - Great fit floor protection mats!

    Very happy with this purchase. Item fit like it should ( Like it was made for it!) . I would recommend

  • CEllySaliNAs - like a cloud.

    Its so soft I love the cute shape to it, it feels like memory foam. The material is great my sons face fits perfectly in it and he doesn't seem uncomfortable or anything. It is not cheaply made I love that this exists with my first daughter I started having issues with flat head because I laid here in the same position on her back all the time and I was unaware of the long time damage that causes to her head the good thing is that no permanent damage was caused to her. Its small enough to fit almost anywhere in a diaper bag, store in a drawer, etc. I received this at a discounted price to give it my honest review and I can honestly say its really efficient and useful for a baby and I am sure it is really comfortable.

  • Daniel Sosa - ... now I don't have to worry anymore I didn't waste no time putting this bad boy on my phone ...

    I have gone a couple of days with out a screen protector for my brand new iPhone 7 and now I don't have to worry anymore

  • dtrudy - LOVE LOVE eSALON.............They now have a very happy new Customer :)

    I am puzzled by all the negative reviews? I have had a wonderful experience with this product and all the things in the package to do a professional job on my hair. First let me say, I hate coloring my hair. It is a long and tedious job. In my financial hay day, I always went to a stylist to have my hair done. I am 50 now and unable to work because I am raising my 3 grandsons, so money is tight. I have been coloring for 35 years, premature gray and experimental. So now I have about 40% gray and because I hate coloring, I avoid it as long as possible and wear my hair in a ponytail. I am naturally a dark brunet with red highlights. Well if I do not buy an ash colored brown, I end up looking like I have had a copper explosion on the top of my head (the gray roots). Well the store bought ash medium or dark brown did not hardly even color the gray. Very lightly and lasting only a week or two. So when I placed my order with eSalon, I was specific as to what I wanted and expected from the coverage. I followed their instructions to a tee and my hair came out magnificent. My gray is covered and looks ever so slightly like salon highlights. I colored it 3 days ago and it I will not know how long the color will last and how long the gray stays covered. Taking into consideration of the new growth of course. I would definitely recommend eSalon. You have nothing to loose, full money back guarantee or new formulation of your color request will be sent to you. On a final note, the day I colored I had a Doctor's appointment, so dressed nice and put on make up. When my husband of 28 years came home and saw me, and I quote "Damn baby you look like you did when met". I went to the Doctor (female) she told how fabulous I looked also. LOVE eSalon :)

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