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SchoolCare - Health Benefit Plans of the NH School Health Care Coalition - SchoolCare was founded in 1995 as the New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition. Partnering with Cigna, we offer high quality medical, prescription drug and dental coverage through one carrier.

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  • Suebaby - Amaaaaazing; I'm addicted now!

    First off, let me say that for as long as I can remember, my hair and I have been deadlocked in mutual hatred. Baby-fine with a weird little wave (the hair, that is, not me); never got past a certain length before breaking off; started to fry nice and crispy at the merest glimpse of a blow-dryer or a day of fun in the sun. Yep, my hair would've been right at home sticking out of the collar and sleeves of the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

  • H. P. Stone - love toe socks....

    I like the crew & mini crew socks so much that I thought these would be great under my work shoes, & they are, they make my shoes/feet much more comfortable, no more blisters or smushed toes! However I do find the compression maybe a little tight on my calves by the end of the workday, it depends how long or hard of a day it's been! Also they are not quite thin enough for my work shoes, they bunch up a little at the top of the foot in my "mary jane" style shoes, although I don't feel anything, it doesn't make them uncomfortable, but if you're looking you can see that but I still wear them anyway (the pants cover that part)! When the weather is cooler, they'll be perfect under boots (I'm referring to regular "fashion boots, not snow boots, lol) For running, maybe they're slightly too thin, or maybe it's just that they're not cotton so don't grip as well, but I feel my foot slide a bit in my sneakers. If I was going to use these with a pair of sneakers exclusively, then I'd buy a smaller sneaker size to fix this, but I think I prefer to wear their micro crew toe socks for running/walking & keep these for work or after run recovery.

  • Matthew C. - Very good mats

    Works as advertised and very effective at protecting my 2014 Accord Touring's OEM carpeting. The sides of the mats are good at trapping water and snow runoff until they can be emptied, and are high enough to provide real protection from the outer elements. I bought these prior to taking delivery of my Accord and have yet to use the original floor mats that came with the car. I'm very pleased with the purchase and would recommend purchasing Weathertech from Amazon to avoid exorbitant shipping costs from the manufacturer, which was quite high, even though I was living in the Chicagoland area where these mats are made.

  • K. Grainger - Still happy with my 2009 after almost 2 years, great customer svc

    So, I don't have the 2010, but thought I'd review the '09 to provide a multi yr persepective. This stroller is an investment, but we feel like we are getting our money's worth. We dragged a 9 month old around Disney in this thing, toted it to the beach, and walked all over our neighborhood.

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