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  • Claire - Expertly written, argued and researched!

    This reads almost like a novel. The struggles over the definition of the Presidency are brought alive in this book. A must read for people who love US politics!

  • Jake3392 - Lame

    I wish someone would make a sandbox style hunting game much like the old school ones (Deer Hunter II-IV; Trophy Hunter, Original Cabela's big game hunter circa 2000). This game is so arcade it was silly.

  • Kyle Waters - Great Balls

    These are great balls for me. My swing speed is right around the 105 mph cutoff, but I would rather have an edge than have the higher swing speed balls. They explode off the club, especially off my longer irons. I could use a bit more spin on the greens, especially out of the rough. That being said, I have hit some amazing shots with these balls, more so than any other ball I have used to date. Last weekend, they saved me several shots while playing 18 on Saturday and Sunday. Anyway, I'm a convert. I'll continue to play these balls and may try the B330 RXS.

  • David Shenton - SO much better than a Dyson

    I have had a Dyson for years and I have been happy with it. But a year ago, we moved into a three story home. And the Dyson is quite frankly, a bit heavy to lug around. With very little research I recently bought this Shark on kind of an impulse. It weighs probably 2/3 less than the Dyson. I now keep the Dyson upstairs and use the Shark on the level with the family room, living room, etc. It's great for carpet and hardwood floors. I used it on a carpet that I had vacuumed the day before with my Dyson and it got a disturbing amount of material up from my carpet. Plus, the lift away feature is AWESOME compared to my Dyson. It's phenomenal for going out into the garage and getting the car interiors. So light and easy to use. The fact that this was less than half the price of the Dyson is staggering to me. For the record, I am a guy, and this thing has me looking forward to vacuuming--almost. But I am also a parent. And this thing is so light, that my little kids can use it without me worrying about them clunking it into furniture (the way I do with the Dyson). I know this isn't the most organized review, but if you are looking at this as an alternative to the Dyson, BUY IT. You will not regret it.

  • Tommy - Perfect replacement at a great price!

    These hubcap replacements are almost identical to the originals and are at a great price! Even though they are not exactly dealership quality they still give an exact look minus the center decal. I Highly recommend this seller, fast shipping and had packaged items very well to prevent any scratches or damage. I am very satisfied and saved me over $300.00!!!

  • Robert Steward - Torn between giving good review or bad one.

    I rarely take time to write reviews. But leaving 4 stars doesn't really tell the tale. Love hate relationship with the company, not the product. I am a firm believer in Dr's Wallach and Glidden and their approach to healing. Huge fan of supplements and while I have yet to feel any results from this product; I have no doubt that if it contains the laundry list of vitamins and minerals it should be helpful to anyone. My beef is simple. Is great nutrition and health for the wealthy? I weigh 250 lbs. I am 5'10 inches tall, so I suffer from all the ailments of someone who is malnourished. This product could be a savior...however I may never know that. Based on the 58 dollar price (not the one I paid on Amazon -- $61.50) this product cost me 5.15 a day. 156.64 a month and $1879.75 a year. Most people don't know how much they earn or spend and are terrible at budgeting. Even I who failed 9th grade math can tell you...that's a lot for a supplement. I have a wife and 5 children. I want them to have the benefits of this product. given their weights it would be an additional $3759.50 a year. That would be $5639.25 a year to give my me and my family the nutrition which These doctors and this company are prescribing. And that's based on only taking it once a day; the container says take 1 to two times daily! Tell me what tax bracket do I need to be in for good health? If these people really cared about making people healthy maybe they ought to scrap the fancy packaging and lower the price! If not guess what; me and my family can't afford your company. so we may never know how many stars to rate this product or any of your other products. Hippocratical...oh that's only for "REAL?" doctors.

  • Martin Asiner - Some Good Advice Surrounded by Hype

    Whenever a new miracle wonder drug hits the market, the result is usally a wave of books written by pseudo-experts or health care professionals with a financial axe to grind. It is rare to find an objective and understandable text for the layman that outlines this new wonder drug's plusses and minuses. In the case of GROW YOUNG WITH HGH, Dr. Ronald Klatz has written a text that falls somewhere between the two. Much of Dr. Klatz's opinion is based on results that were obtained by the painful and expensive method of injecting HGH directly into the bloodstream. Those who had the tolerance for discomfort and high cost usually obtained impressive gains. No small wonder here, since the HGH injected was far more potent than what is available on the internet without prescription. Further, these recipients received their doses under a doctor's care. The problem with non-prescription HGH is that it is nowhere as potent as that delivered via injection. Additionally, the fact that those who buy HGH on the internet are not particularly well-versed on exactly what they are ingesting. In defense of Dr.Klatz, he makes these very points, even if in so doing, he still manages to disguise this warning under a heavy blanket of hype and blurb.

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