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Welcome To Scott Medical Health Center | Pittsburgh PA - Our doctors and staff specialize in chiropractic care, pain management and medical weight loss. Visit us in Scott Township and Wexford.

  • http://www.scottmedicalcenter.com/about-scott-medical-center/ Scott Medical Health Center - About - Meet our staff and learn about our multidisciplinary, integrated approach to wellness.
  • http://www.scottmedicalcenter.com/professional-services/ Center for Pain Management and Medical Weight Loss - Get pain relief, lose weight with the assistance of a doctor and help us develop a personalized long-term pain management strategy for you.
  • http://www.scottmedicalcenter.com/weight-loss-medical/ Medical Weight Loss Clinic - Injections To Help You Lose Weight - Get prescriptions to help you lose weight under the supervision of a doctor in Scott Township and Wexford.
  • http://www.scottmedicalcenter.com/headache-treatment/ Remedies for Constant Headaches - Stop living with constant headaches and get headache relief in timely manner. Locations in Scott Township and Wexford.
  • http://www.scottmedicalcenter.com/medical-conditions/ Scott Medical Center Can Treat These Medical Conditions - See what medical conditions the nurses, chiropractors and doctors at Scott Medical Center can treat for you.
  • http://www.scottmedicalcenter.com/pain-treatment/ Always In Pain - Causes of Pain and Stiffness - Learn the causes of constant aches, stiffness and soreness caused by conditions that lead to pain.

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  • bobbie pinchot - AWESOME!!!!

    This is a great product. Been using it for years due to bonding. I have been given nothing but compliments from friends AND my dentist. "whatever you're doing, keep it up". Will not stop using Supersmile.

  • Sandra - Dentist recommended

    I saw a big improvement by day 4. However, being a rebel, I left them on longer than instructed and ended up with super sensitive teeth, to the point I had to stop using them. I was also in the middle of dental work, so I decided to wait until my mouth had settled down. Next time I'll follow the directions. I'm very pleased with the results.

  • Gene Gardner - a great battery life

    Over the last couple of years I have tried four sets of Bluetooth headphones and it has definitely been a love/hate relationship. In each case the convenience of not being directly connected to my phone was always overshadowed by tinny sound, poor build quality, terrible battery life and/or a sketchy bluetooth connection. As a result I approached my latest purchase with a little more pragmatism and opted for this reasonably priced the headset and prepared myself to put up with the usual complaints.

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