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SCOT Trial or Scot Study, Arthritis Study, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis - SCOT Trial is a randomised trial to find the best treatment for arthritis. Standard Care versus Celecoxib.

  • https://www.scottrial.co.uk/join.htm Who can join the SCOT study? : SCOT Trial (SCOT Study) - People aged 60 or over who regularly take the type of painkillers called NSAIDs on prescription for arthritis may be eligible to take part in the SCOT study.
  • https://www.scottrial.co.uk/arthritis.htm What is arthritis? : SCOT Trial (SCOT Study) - Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease that mainly affects the lining of the joints. Long-term inflammation of one or more joints, or arthritis, is one of the commonest of all health problems. Affected joints are typically sore, stiff and have less movement than normal.
  • https://www.scottrial.co.uk/nsaid.htm What are NSAIDs? (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) : SCOT Trial (SCOT Study) - SCOT Trial is a randomised trial to find the best treatment for arthritis. To compare either Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) or Celecoxib.

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  • Michelle S. - Greatest cleaning cloths ever!

    I was introduced to these a couple years ago and love them as you don't have to use chemicals to wipe your counters down. We also have them for the bathrooms and I wipe the walls down and door knobs. Great product!

  • janiceINva - value 4$

    I have combination skin and people remark how young I look. My pores are very large on chin and nose/cheeks ever since adolescence which always bothered me. Barring doing masks daily nothing helped until I bought this product for $40.00 at a kiosk in the mall. Feeling like I was ripped off but know ing she still reduced the price I tried it and it worked. My pores are smaller than a pinhead after 3 days of use. I use it after cleaning my skin and than moisturize. Nice to see amazon has it cheaper. Dead sea is a good product. If I had the money I would have the entire line.

  • Michael B. Phillips - Funny edits

    Andy says there may be a few strange edits the discerning audiophile may pick up, and there are! Nothing discerning here, I thought the sound machine had stopped! Curious, I'da thought this woulda been easy to fix, for such a clever fella, sure

  • James C. Doyle Jr. - Loved it.

    I really enjoyed this concert. This is the second All Starr Band concert I have purchased and it was great. I will be looking at others.

  • Tania - it sticks together nicely like wet sand

    Daughter loves to play with it; it sticks together nicely like wet sand, but is messy like all sand. Best used in a non-carpeted, non-upholstered furniture area.

  • Kathleen Higgins - It surprises me to read the negative reviews. This ...

    It surprises me to read the negative reviews. This is the only product that worked for me. I tried the oral meds 3 times. They worked temporarily, but it always came back. I tried various over the counter liquids, same thing. I was religious about Zeta clear. I used it twice per day, maybe for as long as 18 months. It worked. I have had clear nails for more than 2 years.

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