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SEAK, Inc. - Excellence in Education Since 1980 - SEAK, Inc., provides on-site training, seminars, publications, consulting, 1-1 training and professional directories for expert witnesses, physicians, attorneys, independent medical examiners, and workers compensation professionals.

  • http://www.seak.com/about-us/ About SEAK, Inc. - SEAK is the world's leading provider of Expert Witness training and sponsors the nation's longest running Workers Comp and Occupational Medicine conference..
  • http://www.seak.com/expert-witness-resources/ Expert Witness Resources - SEAK, Inc. - SEAK has trained many thousands of expert witnesses through our Annual National Expert Witness Conference, small group interactive expert witness training seminars
  • http://www.seak.com/independent-medical-examiner-resources/ Independent Medical Examiner Resources - SEAK, Inc. - We offer intensive training for IME doctors on conducting the examination, rating impairment, drafting IME reports, defending opinions at deposition and trial, IME practice management, and IME practice development
  • http://www.seak.com/physician-resources/ Physician Resources - SEAK, Inc. - Since 2003, we have been helping physicians who wish to explore lucrative non-clinical careers, such as expert witnessing, IMEs, disability & file review consulting, niche consulting and writing.
  • http://www.seak.com/blog/ SEAK, Inc. Blog - Click here for cutting edge information on Expert Witnessing, Workers' Comp, IMEs and other great information from SEAK, Inc.
  • http://www.seak.com/seak-directories/ SEAK, Inc. Directories - Find information on the SEAK Expert Witness Directory, SEAK IME Directory and the SEAK Medical File Review Directory

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