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Segra Biogenesis - Quality Systems Experts - Segra Biogenesis is a specialist R&D company focused on Quality Management Systems and facilities for medicinal Cannabis and botanical tissue culture

  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/team/ Our Team - Segra Biogenesis - Segra has a world-class team that consists of an extremely well-rounded group of academics, growers/breeders, managers, advisors, and financial executives.
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/the-segra-advantage/ The Segra Advantage - Segra Biogenesis - Segra will only market Natural Health Products with the highest quality and/or demonstrable efficacy in treating medical conditions or promoting good health.
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/services/ Cannabis Consulting Services - Quality systems, training, software, tissue culture, genetics, and integration are what Segra can offer our clients.
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/cannabis-tissue-culture-production/ Cannabis Tissue Culture Production - Segra will build and develop an industry leading Cannabis tissue culture facility with research, development, and oversight from Dr. Zobayed.
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/segra-modular-growing-facility/ Segra Modular Growth Facility - As part of its goal of bringing best practices to the Cannabis growth space, Segra has developed the Segra Modular Growth Facility.
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/genotyping-services/ Genotyping Services - Segra is establishing a genomics facility to revolutionize the levels of quality and standardization achievable by Cannabis producers
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/segrapedia/ Segrapedia - Segra Biogenesis Corp. - We at Segra are passionate about science. In fact, we are so passionate that we created Segrapedia to share what we know with you.
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/news/segra-chongs-choice-strategic-partnership/ Chong's Choice and Segra Announce Strategic Partnership - Segra Biogenesis and Chong's Choice, have announced plans for Segra to become the science advisor for the Chong's Choice brand
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/news/endotoxins-mycotoxins-silent-elephants-contaminated-products/ Endotoxins and Mycotoxins - Toxins are typically small molecules produced by living organisms that can cause disease by interfering with enzymes or cell receptors
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/news/segra-enters-market-worlds-comprehensive-solution-growing-cannabis/ Most Comprehensive Solution for Growing Cannabis - Segra Biogenesis Corp. is pleased to announce the release of its comprehensive Cannabis growing system, V.2.0, designed specifically to address such recurring, industry-wide problems as product quality, bio contamination, and the use of pesticides.
  • http://www.segrabiogen.com/news/brief-history-clinical-trials/ A Brief History of Clinical Trials - The root of a clinical trial is comparing two different conditions and determining which condition was more effective

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  • fungi2b - A Mighty Wind

    It could use some brighter lights. Yes, it does sound like a jet engine. Also moves almost twice as much air as the other brands at well under half the cost--not having people try to ask questions while you cook is just a bonus.

  • Jennifer - Sweet and to the point

    The books is amusing for me as an adult, and it teaches big versus small from the perspective of both sizes. It's pretty short, so it's the perfect quick read when you just need to promise one more book before bed to appease the little one. And, it doesn't try to be a poem, so you don't get the contrived vocabulary or forced rhythm like you find in so many of the books with Amazon Unlimited.

  • James E. Cook - An excellent source for any photographer!

    Bought this for my Photographer Partner and can say there is a lot of detail in the book. A lot to read, but very valuable information on the Market and exactly how to submit stuff.

  • R. J. Whitaker - Ending Support is One Thing but Disabling is a Crime!!!

    I have seen (and produced) a lot of software in my days and have seen lots of old versions of software go off support as the newest ones were released but I have never seen a company that would so blatently force users to upgrade at that point. I have done enough programming to realize there comes a time when some things created 3 or 4 releases back are different enough that it no longer makes sense to provide technical support specifically for that release. Also there are times when changing file structures or changing formats required by outside software interfaces can render the old release unuseable. However, these cases are usually rare. Most programmer/analysts will do their very best to make everything backward compatible. But it somehow appears that, magically, every time Intuit issues a new release, exactly at the moment that occurs, the software three releases back no longer works with an outside interface such as that of a bank download. Come on now, do all the banks suddenly change their specifications for a simple transaction download and do they coordinate so they can do this everytime Intuit issues a new release?? The answer is pretty obvious and it really makes my blood boil! Unfortunately, I don't have the time currently to transition to another software and so Intuit has me trapped. I will move away from QuickBooks as quickly as it becomes possible and I would recommend that others steer clear so they don't fall into this trap! What a shame! Quickbooks is generally a good product but Intuit needs to change their underhanded business practices if they want to have a satisfied customer base.

  • Linda Bush - I feel my digestive system is better.

    I've used this product for 30 days. The difference I see is I don't seem to have IBS that I've suffered for a decade. I have lost weight I haven't lost much because I don't diet. I will order more. I feel my digestive system is better.

  • Brad Wang - Cobb Tuning for 335I Coupe

    This product transforms your car into something unrecognizable! The extra power/torque easily overwhelms the chassis and I have the M Sport Package too! I highly recommend this product due to the ease of install and relatively modest price for amount of power gain. If you want something easy, simple with decent power gains this is the product to get. Other products are either too expensive (Dinan) or JB4 needs additional DIY know how but with added benefits however..... I'm not really a DIY guy so Cobb product is perfect for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Better than Nonstick!

    Great baking pan — I needed it to bake gluten-free pizzas and it didn't disappoint. My old aluminum Bakers Secret pans performed terribly with the crust sticking badly, despite being very well greased with Pam AND olive oil. With this new pan I greased with oil but not Pam. Baked at 400 as usual. It was easy to slice and remove with only a little residue left on the pan. I was thrilled I didn't have to use PAM because I have concerns about it. To clean up, all I had to do was fill the pan with warm water and a little Dawn and let soak a couple minutes, then washed with a Scotchbrite sponge. With a little scrubbing, no residue left.

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