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Studio Shazam – Post-Production Audio Video, Enregistrement, Mixage, Mastering - Studio Shazam, Genève. Studio d'enregistrement et de mixage, spécialiste de la post-production audiovisuelle à Genève depuis 1987.

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City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • bowke25 - Honda CRV Crossbar Roof Racks 2013

    Recently installed this product on a new 2013 CRV. As noted in previous posts, the directions provided are not very detailed and in some cases not accurate. I did not see a marking on the outside of the tower referring to right or left. If you flip the cross bars over, the smaller pocket of the towers should be toward front of vehicle. Remove the cover of the bottom of right tower on both racks (one phillips head screw). There it identifies R side. Loosen the two screws and slide the tower to fit into the side bars of the roof system. Retighten the two tower screws and reattach the bottom cover. Carefully,

  • Neil D. Goldstein - So far so good. Third month and counting

    I have an old Buick Century that I use as a local runabout, and to run to the train station and back each day (3 miles each way). I noticed the early signs of a bad head-gasket at about 195,000 miles (heat dependant on engine speed, temperature erratic). Then it started to overheat. I caught it before doing any serious damage and brought it to my mechanics (where I originally purchased it with about 160K on it). This has been a great, and loyal car. It filled my needs when I needed cheap wheels, and it makes a great station car now, but for what a 99 Century with almost 200K is worth, it didn't make sense to do a head job on it. They quoted me $1900 for a used engine installed, but that was also crazy, as the transmission could kick the bucket a week after replacing the engine.

  • Laurence J. - Zero hair growth!

    It hasn't worked for me, even though I've been using it for 6 months already. Nice bubbles, though, but expensive ones.

  • Daniel B - If this book could be turned into a movie, it better star Keanu Reeves.

    At only $495, this is a gold mine! I have been endlessly searching for the 2002-2009 edition of the Outlook of Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China, but always left the bookstores and libraries empty handed and agitated. The clerk's never knew what I was asking for or claimed to have "never heard of it." Pretty soon those very same people will be demanding $15 an hour too.

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