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Women's Health Sauk Prairie Health Care | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare is making a commitment to shine the light on women's health issues, not just with Breast Cancer Awareness, but 365 days a year.

  • http://www.shineon365.org/health-topics/gynecology/ Gynecology OB/GYN Women's Health | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare OB/GYNs will help you feel genuinely heard and valued. They take the time to discuss everything from gynecology and women's health.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/health-topics/having-a-baby/ Having a Baby at Sauk Prairie Healthcare | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - At Sauk Prairie Healthcare, we do everything we can to make having a baby a special event. We will work with you from pregnancy to caring for your newborn.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/health-topics/breast-health/ Breast Cancer Breast Lump Breast Pain | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - This library provides in-depth information about breast cancer. View 10 medical animations about breast screenings and the treatment of breast cancer.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/health-topics/incontinence/ Incontinence in Women | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare works with women to combat the effects of urinary incontinence, often caused by pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/health-topics/featured-videos/ Mammograms Video | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Watch these 10 in-depth medical animations that promote awareness for mammography, breast screenings, mammograms and the treatment of breast cancer.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/healthy-living Preventing Disease Tips | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - We aren't just dedicated to treating patients when illness strikes – we’re committed to educating our patients about preventing disease. It’s in our nature.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/events Sauk Prairie Events and Classes | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare is pleased to offer events and classes like Baby Connection, Walk-in Wednesdays more to promote women's health.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/womens-center Women's Health | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare is making a commitment to shine the light on women's health 365 days a year. In 2015, we opened our new Women's Health Center.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/womens-center/womens-health-nurse-navigator/ Women's Health Nurse Navigator | Sauk Prairie HealthcareShineOn365 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare is pleased to announce an exciting new program in women’s health: our Women's Health Nurse Navigator, Teresa Dietsch.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/wednesdays/ Walk-In Wednesdays Mammograms | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Walk-In Wednesdays are a unique opportunity for women to receive their annual screening mammogram at Sauk Prairie Hospital with no appointment.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/womens-center/diagnostic-imaging/ Women's Diagnostic Imaging | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Sauk Prairie Healthcare's Medical Imaging department incorporates state-of-the-art imaging in a personalized and healing environment.
  • http://www.shineon365.org/health-library/ Answers to Common Health Questions | ShineOn365.orgShineOn365 - Explore these in-depth articles to help you make the best health care decisions for you and your loved ones. We're here to answer your health questions.

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  • Derrick - Great Product, cultures well too

    This product eliminated some digestive problems I had been having for some months in just a week, just by taking as described on the package. I never thought a billion bacteria would be so effective. I guess the strain really matters. Here's a disclaimer: I don't suggest doing anything but following the manufacturer's directions. However, I have found this product cultures nicely in fresh 2% milk at 75 degrees over 24 hours to make a very neutral tasting yogurt like smoothie drink which is ready for splenda/stevia, honey, real maple syrup, vanilla, blender, or whatever else I plan to use it for. Culturing it in this manner increases the bacteria count by perhaps 100x to 1000x or more, perhaps to well over a trillion bacteria if my research is correct. (assuming a doubling rate of every 60 minutes, with a starting bacteria count of 1/2 billion would yield conservatively a bacteria count well into the trillions)

  • Geezermodo - Little jewel.

    Don't misjudge this little gem. It doesn't make a lot of noise and it seems to be going too slow. But check it out when you give it a chance and you will find it is doing a lot better job than razors that cost over twice as much. This little devil has them all beat.

  • Bibliophile - Quieter than expected, probably because of the short life span

    I bought this Cooper Cooler recently and was extremely pleased with its performance. I'd read reviews saying this machine isn't quiet, it makes a racket... I was prepared to let it do it's thing in the garage if necessary. It wasn't necessary. The cooler doesn't throw the ice around, which I'd thought would be the case; it only spins the bottle or can and that was much quieter than I'd imagined.

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