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  • JW, Cupertino CA - Very disappointed.

    I had Willmaker 2008 and purchased this version for an update but later found out it no longer creates living-trust for you which is pretty much the most important tool I need. I have to say I am very disappointed about how this product becomes even though I also blame myself not taking a good look at the product's description before I press "Order" button. I kind of assume the new version should only "Add" new feature to it, not taking out one of most important feature. I will never purchase this product again if this is the way they "improve" it.

  • Marvin - Very Happy with Intuit and QB 2011

    I have never used QuickBooks for Windows. I have a small one-person consulting practice so my accounting needs are fairly simple and basic. I started using QuickBooks for Mac version 2007 in June of 2008. I imported some account information from Quicken 2005 for Windows. That conversion went flawlessly. About 8 months ago I upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard, and from QuickBooks 2007 to QuickBooks 2011. The conversion went flawlessly, except I had to spend about 20 min. redoing my statement template. Other than that I was up and running in no time. I noticed significant improvements in the 2011 version. It was faster, more intuitive, and less clunky. It performed flawlessly until a week ago. I updated to release number 12 and QuickBooks would not relaunch. Every time I tried to launch it crashed. Sent the crash reporter e-mail generated by the program and started a thread in the Intuit user forums - my 1st experience with the forums and my 1st tech support experience with Intuit. After a day or so other users started posting to my thread complaining of the same difficulties. I was very impressed that employees from Intuit also posted in the forum and in other forums daily, offering advice, and letting us know the people at Intuit were working on the problem. This was impressive and highly unusual. I was able to revert to the previous stable release using Time Machine, but kept tabs with my thread as more people, both users and Intuit employees kept posting suggestions and updates. About 4 days later an Intuit employee notified us that the problem had been identified and that we could expect a fix soon. The next day the fix arrived. I installed release number 14 and all is well again. I don't doubt for a minute the Mac version is still inferior to the Windows version, but since I never used the Windows version that has not been a source of irritation for me. Also, I don't doubt for a minute that for many users whose needs are more elaborate and sophisticated than mine, that things like the lack of online bill payment and the apparent inelegance of payroll and other features, are understandably disappointing and frustrating. But again since I use only the very basic features of billing and keeping track of expenses I can't speak to those disappointments. I know QuickBooks for Mac has had a bad rap for many years. But based on improvements from version 2007 to version 2011, and based on my impressive experiences in the Intuit forums following the buggy update, I am beginning to believe that Intuit is now committed to developing and supporting its Mac products. Not only did Intuit fix the problem in short order but it's employees kept users updated in the forum, sent an e-mail when the update was available, and even posted a more detailed explanation for the crash, referencing a known bug in Snow Leopard with a link to the Apple bug reporting site. I was really impressed with how this was handled and thought the company deserves some kudos.

  • Isaac T. Davis - Very informative /Well written

    This book does a great job of itemizing various illnesses and ailments, then addressing & advising holistic methods for dealing with the ailments.

  • Reader and Writer - Overpriced

    This binder is only 72% as good as a binder full of men. It should only cost 72% as much! Doesn't this binder know it's place? It totally shouldn't get guaranteed contraceptive care and a right to privacy. What the heck is this little binder thinking?

  • Tara Vanflower - love this color

    I have very thick anc coarse hair that is resistant to color. This is the only color I've found that actually STAYS in my hair. Bonus points that it's that jet black color I also can't seem to find anywhere else. The ONLY thing I don't like about it (and the reason I only gave it 4 stars in lieu of 5) is that it's a bit tedious getting out of the pouch into the bottle and I wish they would come up with a new design for that to make it more convenient. I also like that this is a cruelty free product and it's inexpensive. The stores in my area aren't carrying this shade in this brand anymore, so I ordered it online and it arrived quickly and was exactly as advertized. Yay for jet black hair!

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