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  • carissa - mistaken identity

    I have never suffered from any foot ailments prior to this point, however, 7 days ago my toes started breaking into a blistering rash. I thought I had caught a nasty case of athletes foot. I treated with massive quantities of otc athletes foot creams and sprays for 5 days, the blisters just got worse and worse, I could barely walk. Someone identified my blisters as poison ivy and recommended your foot wash. I bought it yesterday, as miserable as I was the price was not that bad. I used it. I washed my feet and toes with it twice. The itching went away right away. I was afraid it would hurt because I had open sores, but the cream relieved even the open sores. Today, all of the large blisters are gone and the small bumps are starting to fade. I may have some scarring because of the open sores from before I used the product, but, WOW, I can walk again.

  • Seeker - Worth its weight in diamonds!!!

    Fortunate are those who have stumbled across this book in their search for health, cures or detoxification. This book should be compulsory reading at every high school, medical school and pharmaceutical company. I always like to follow those people who have established by example what they propound in their writings.

  • Orgainc mama-san - Immune enhancing herb!

    I have been taking this for over 25 yrs but only as needed when my immune is low due to illness & only for one week at a time & no longer. Its unlike the antibiotic, it boosts your own immune to combat infection or keep yourself from getting the infection. Works wonders for me unless the illness is a full blown infection & especially my sinuses are totally trashed. Be sure & research this first before you try it because you could be allergic to it.

  • Courtney Envy - Think of it like your shower drain

    Ok let me start out by saying i give this four stars for what it is truely intended to do which is not lose weight. I think the way that this product is marketed is incorrect. If anyone actually reads into probiotics and what their true purpose is will realize it isn't really meant for weight loss. It's basically a glorified but safe diuretic and stool softener. I.e. it aides in digestion which normally helps your body have less bloating. Can you lose weight with it, sure. But it's not true body weight. It's things stuck in your body that haven't been released yet. It doesn't help you blast away fat or have any Thermogenic properties to actually boost weight loss. You could take ex-lax and a water pill everyday, you will have the same result but it's a lot harsher on your body. This is the safe way to make sure things are running smoothly inside. No more no less. If you stop taking it will you gain weight, yes, if your digestive tract isn't moving correctly.

  • Logan "Chappy" Alamos - Errors Throughout

    They sure don't come up with random numbers like they used to. If you look closely, you will note that every tenth digit or so is just a repeat of the last digit and every hundredth or so is a just the same digit repeated three times. How sloppy!

  • kel07 - Great product with the right tools

    I have tried almost every concealer on the planet for my dark circles. I heard that Erase Paste was amazing so I ordered it and gave it a try. I tried applying it with my fingers and had some trouble getting the cream the blend. I ended up going to Sephora which is right by my house, knowing they sold Benefit products. I asked a sales associate how she recommend I apply this concealer. She sold me the "Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Concealer" brush and it made all the difference in the world. (It is also available on Amazon). She showed me how to "buff" the concealer into the skin with the brush and it looks absolutely flawless. I was worried about using this paste at first because I have very oily skin, but buffing it on with Sephora's concealer brush sets the paste nicely. For anyone applying it with their fingers, I recommend purchasing this brush. I swirl a tiny bit (a little goes a long way) onto my concealer brush, and then apply it by moving the brush in circles under and around my eye. I have gotten so many compliments on my appearence. Hope this helps! Enjoy :)

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