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S K B Pharma - Davanagere - S K B Pharma is one of India's most respected pharmaceutical companies and is committed to delivering better health through superior products.

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  • Sue Taylor - Bad for me, but a good shoe.

    Description doesn't state that the tongue flap of this shoe is sewn together on both sides, making it a non-adjustable tie shoe. If one has a high instep this shoe doesn't work at all. On the positive side it is very well-constructed and light as a feather. If your feet swell at all this is not the shoe for you. The Amazon return process was very convenient, and I will probably shop shoes again.

  • Allyson - niacin is what makes your skin feel like it's on fire

    Heads up: niacin is what makes your skin feel like it's on fire. It's a thermogenic. Which is what helps to burn fat. It's not painful. Just scary if you don't know why it's doing that.

  • W., Katie - Not for Lactose Intolerant

    I thought this was a soy based product. Which, I guess it is but it has more whey products than soy. The ingredients are deceiving. It also has an ingredient that slows down digestion, which makes it all the more painful. Again my own fault for not looking at the ingredient list and taking a friends (who is a rep) word for it. I've been mixing them with fruit, peanut butter, mint, oats, coconut milk, almond milk, or rice milk. Vanilla or chocolate taste best. They taste delicious but my stomach is horribly angry. I was going to try to finish out the month but I'm pretty miserable after a week. You will need to eat a small snack between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner. For me it depends on what I eat for dinner if I will need a snack the next day or not. Something small like a few crackers or a piece of fruit should do. I'm very glad I decided to buy them on Amazon than from ViSalus. It was around $20 cheaper and free shipping! I'm sure for the correct person these would work great. That is why I did not give the item a bad rating. I also believe there are more healthier products out there.

  • S Jackson - Quality product for people who blend daily!

    Why we purchased this item: We were looking for a quality blender- not a juicer- but a blender. I like to make protein shakes in the morning and my fiance likes to make shakes with veggies in them.

  • A. J. Luna - its a text book

    This is a text book for a nursing bachelors degree. The material is dry and factual, so I have no true opinion of this text.

  • PHYLLIS - lots of fun

    lot of fun games, and it will keep you up for hours. no need to go to Vegas you can get your gamble fix right here and never have to spend a dime unless you want to.

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