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Skin Centre|Skin Cancer & Melanoma Dermatologists - Skin Centre Dermatologists care for all skin cancers, melanoma, basal and squamous cell carcinoma skin conditions. Appearance medicine and cosmetic surgery you can trust.

  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/cosmetic/ Cosmetic Surgery, Appearance Medicine & Skin Care - Cosmetic Procedures include cosmetic surgery, appearance medicine and skin care. You're in safe hands with the best cosmetic expertise in Tauranga & the Bay.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/Skin_Cancer/ Types Of Skin Cancer - Melanoma, Basal & Squamous Carcinoma - Sun damage causes Skin Cancer including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Specialists at the Skin Centre can advise which treatment is best.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/Skin_Conditions/ Chronic Skin Conditions Require Specialist Treatment. - Chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne require specialist skin treatment. Experienced dermatologists at the Skin Centre are here to help.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/skin-care-clinics/ NZ Skin Care Clinics Operated By Skin Centre - NZ Specialist Skin Care Clinics operated by Skin Centre are open in convenient centres around the country.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/About_us/ Specialist Dermatology Practice Tauranga. - Skin Centre Tauranga is the largest specialist Dermatology practice in NZ. The entire team is expertly trained in skin cancer, skin conditons and cosmetic procedures.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/Contact_us/ Specialists in skin cancer, skin conditions, cosmetic procedures - Skin Centre - Specialists in skin cancer, skin conditions, cosmetic procedures
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/mohs-surgery/ Mohs Surgery, Advanced Treatment for Facial Skin Cancer. - Mohs Surgery offers complete eradication of facial skin cancer. This advanced treatment is available at the Tauranga Skin Centre.

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  • Kibbles - It never does anything right!

    I tried to file my nails and I ended up putting a corkscrew through my hand. I put it in my pocket and it circumcised me. I tried to open a can of beans and it chiseled through the can. I tried tweezing my stubble and it clamped on my tongue. I use the allen wrench and it cheats on my wife! I hammer a nail and it marries my cat! It refuses to do anything it's supposed to.

  • Jerome Williams - It really works

    I used this product to stop an oil leak when my oil lite continue to flash, once I added this additive the lite eventally stopped.

  • Chris G - good product

    good product good price, nice that it covers 3 products. I guess Norton continues to be the leader. my gripe with them is when something they know about infects your pc and you call them for help, they know how to remove it but want to charge you to tell you how to remove it.

  • Michael - First experience

    For the price it's good. I bought it to take with a nootropic and it seems to work for me and given the opportunity I would buy again.

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