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Head Lice Treatment | Sklice® (ivermectin) Lotion - Learn more about SKLICE® (ivermectin) Lotion, the only FDA-approved, single dose head lice treatment with ivermectin. See Full Important Safety Information.

  • https://www.sklice.com/about-sklice About Sklice® Lotion (ivermectin) for Treating Head Lice - Learn more about Sklice® Lotion (ivermectin), an FDA-approved treatment for head lice. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/applying-sklice How to Apply Sklice® (ivermectin) Lotion to Treat Head Lice - Follow this step-by-step guide to applying Sklice® (ivermectin) Lotion, 0.5% as prescribed by your health care provider. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/head-lice-facts Head Lice Facts & Information - Can head lice live in your furniture? Read about common head lice myths. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/head-lice-facts/head-lice-myths Common Myths About Head Lice - Find answers to common questions about head lice causes, symptoms, prevention, & prescription treatment options. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/head-lice-facts/prevent-spread-of-lice How to Help Prevent the Spread of Head Lice - Find tips & instructions on how to prevent head lice from spreading among family members and friends. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/head-lice-facts/head-lice-survival-tips 5-Step Checklist for Identifying & Managing Head Lice - Concerned about possible head lice? Follow these steps to help identify, treat, & remove head lice from your home & family. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/head-lice-facts/head-lice-faqs Head Lice FAQs & Information for Parents - Do lice jump? Do lice fly? What is the louse life cycle? Find answers to these questions & more in our head lice FAQs. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/image-gallery/head-lice-images Head Lice Image Gallery | Pictures of Nits, Eggs, & Adult Head Lice - See detailed pictures of head lice, including nits, eggs, and a ®head lice vs dandruff® comparison. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/image-gallery/head-lice-eggs Images of Head Lice Nits (Eggs) & Adults | Image Gallery - View magnified pictures of head lice eggs, also known as nits, as well as nymph and adult lice images. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/image-gallery/how-to-check-for-head-lice How to Check for Head Lice | Image Gallery - Learn how to properly check for head lice, including images and pictures illustrating the correct steps for checking for head lice. See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/image-gallery/head-lice-vs-dandruff Head Lice vs Dandruff | Image Gallery - Compare pictures of head lice vs. dandruff to see the difference between a head lice infestation and dandruff (dead skin cells). See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/image-gallery/sklice-videos Sklice® Lotion Videos - Watch these Sklice Lotion videos, and learn why it's important not to bug out over head lice® a common childhood condition.See Full Important Safety Information.
  • https://www.sklice.com/sklice-coupon-savings Sklice® (ivermectin) Lotion Coupon | Savings Offer - Print the Sklice Lotion savings coupon. Eligible patients may pay no more than $10 for prescription Sklice® (ivermectin) Lotion. See Full Important Safety Information.

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