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  • ali mwambazi - Doesn't work

    This product did not meet my expectations,judging by the other reviews I was convinced that this product would work but after 2 weeks I witnessed zero change with using this product.

  • Gaslight1944 - Makes for a great gift

    My daughter-in-law has been looking for an Espresso/Cappuccino maker for some time now. After trolling the big box stores and getting absolutely confused by the large selection, we decided to venture to amazon. Now when I go for a visit, I am presented with a fine cup of Cappuccino made by my daughter-in-law. She loves this gift and showed me how easy it was to use. The instruction manual was well-written and described exactly how make the perfect cup. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, then I highly recommend this brand and model.

  • Ricardo Gallegos - This thing is awesome I use it everyday

    This thing is awesome I use it everyday. Usually during the summer my ice would have melted before I even finish the drink. This keeps my drinks cold till the end and then some. However I did a test with this kup and full of ice it lasted over 38hrs and still had a lil less than a 1/4 cup of ice left. I ordered 3 of the smaller ones for the rest of my family they love them.

  • Nicholas Mousetis - Very pleased.

    Fit perfectly. Came speedily. Easy to install. Solid. It's very secure in the BOB stroller and I have confidence it'll do that job sufficiently. Well designed :)

  • Miracle - Miracle

    I was really suspicious of this product since so many make promises and it doesn't measure up. I just had to try. For generations, women in my family have been cursed with severe menopause symptoms. We begin menopause in our 30's and are almost driven to lunacy with severe hot flashes (every 20 min.), severe anxiety, depression, insomnia and weight gain. I'd been using cremes which did provide some relief. Since my symptoms were so severe, I was willing to try anything. So, I tried this and can hardly believe it works so well. It started working in just a few days. Finally, after almost 5 years, I'm myself again. No yelling, no irritableness,no over emotional moments, no discomfort except when I eat something spicy or sugary. No more hiding in the house avoiding people because I felt so horrible all the time. The company needs to do a better job of advertising because had I known about this product years ago, I would've taken it. All that suffering for nothing. Only wish I did have some stock in the company. I'd be a walking advertisement because once you've had to suffer like that, you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. My only fear is having to stop taking it for 3 months like the product says. Then start it again. I'm afraid my symptoms will come roaring back.

  • Richard Beaudoin - I have to read the entire story

    A good author, in my opinion, needs to do one of two things. He must either create a world so rich and powerful that it takes the reader on a fantasy beyond compare or place that reader directly into the story making every word a part of the reader's own personal reality. This author has, from the very first paragraph, connected me to the story being told, so much so, that I want to read more. The imagery used is real to me. I've watched that fan in the very same way that Dennis did. The references and observations scattered throughout the first two chapters are very well done...not overdone which could destroy a good story and indeed this is a good story. A tip of the hat to the author...keep writing!

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