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  • Ai my me - Good product (especially when you can get it cheap)

    works just fine. I had another McCafee product on my PC. When I installed this, it automatically removed old one that was on my computer, which was great! Took 30-40 min to finish uploading - i would say it was kind of slow (I have DSL connection), but it's ok because it works fine.

  • grendelcon - Better than most

    Ignore the the best and worst reviews about this product. Both are extreme and will be wrong for most customers. It's not a miracle drug, so don't expect it to cure all symptoms and degrees of joint pain you may suffer. But, having said that it's the best one on the market I've tried. I do a lot of trail running and I'm over 50 yrs old. So I have the obvious knee and back issues that come with older age and beating up our bodies when younger. It has allowed me to take the pounding of running the hills with a lot less knee joint pain. I will still aggravate my knee joints now and then on runs, but taking this product seems to help me recover faster and keep the pain managageable that allows me to continue my passion.

  • Lynn - Nothing special

    You must use ALOT of this product to achieve an effect, which makes it very expensive per use. Further, it doesn't deliver a greater benefit than creams and gels that I already use (e.g., Arnica, BioFreeze). I'll finish the bottle but will not repurchase.

  • Jerry Wooddrow - Complete waste

    Total waste of money. Even though we purchased the 4X level (which is the highest), claims have been denied even though the coverage indicates the damage is covered. In fact I think the coating actually makes the possibilities of damage even greater.

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