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  • A. Saraiva - Excellent bag

    I have used four different Timbuk2 messenger bags up to this date, including the Commute 2.0, and this one is by far my favorite one. The "Napoleon" pocket and the bottom compartment make it very handy when rushing to catch your next flight and having to keep your passport in a secure, zippered, compartment that you can access without opening the bag or even looking at it. It has become second nature to me to simply store my car keys and get my badge from this same pocket every morning as soon as I arrive at the office.

  • Joe Consumer - Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (3 user)

    This is my third year that using Kaspersky on my personal laptops. I switched from McAfee after about ten years after switching from Norton. Those other products kept getting bigger and bigger, slower and slower, and their price kept going up. I just wanted good protection at a reasonable price point. Their Consumers Report rating led me to believe that switching would not introduce any additional risk over the others. I've been pleased with Kaspersky so far and the price on Amazon (about $30/year for 3 P.C.s is something that I feel is reasonable for the way I use my computer (I don't go looking for trouble when I surf and am very careful about my on-line purchases). The only gripe I still have is that the purchaser still needs to completely remove the prior years software version prior to loading the new software version. I don't know why they don't just permit existing users to enter the new purchase key and then just perform the upgrade (that is what they do if you buy direct from them at a higher price). Anyway, three years so far and no infections, trojans, viruses, or malware. I like the new user interface that Kaspersky implemented for 2014, and when I run full scans they seem to complete a bit faster (but I do not have any timing data to validate this perception). They also added some additional options for what to have the computer do (like shutdown) at the conclusion of the scan. I always like to shut my computer off when it is not in use and its nice to kick off a scan and leave to do something else without needing to return at the end of a scn to turn the computer off. I would recommend this product to family and friends.

  • Damika Patterson - Nclex-PN 2013-2014

    the book is good, breaks content down in simplest form so you are able to answer nclex questions correctly. I recommend this book to anyone who wish to practice questions. The only thing I don't like is the book doesn't seem to have no update information such no new questions for it to be a new book. I bougth the 2010 on and it's the same thing the only difference is the 2010 looks older the questions are the same so I feel like I wasted my money buying the newest one.

  • ARI J COMET - Speck remains our favorite

    This case is for my iPhone 5S -- and is my 3rd Speck case in as many years. Each year I've gotten a new phone and each year I've gotten a new case. Not because the old case is worn, but because I want a new color. These cases are sturdy, last forever, and look really nice. Provide more than ample coverage-- more front-facing coverage than many others. I adore the rubber ring around the face that, when laying face-down, keeps the unit from sliding around.

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